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Common Law and True Sovereignty

Without attaching any conatations to the word COMMON and by removing the many definitions in the hundreds of different dictionaries, including the contradictory ones, what is left is the etymologically objective meaning of the word COMMON.

“COM” means people coming together and “MON” means one. One mind all coming together, one juristriction coming together, which is COMMON. This task of analysing and creating common denominators that define this word allows us to build its true meaning from the ground up. This separation of words, usually in its syllables, are called the constitutional parts of the word.

If you came to an agreement with two other people, you now have a COMMON agreement/similarity/definition. So when we come together in this way we have something in COMMON. This commonality you have with these two other people can be grown in terms of number of people and/or agreements. Then that system, language and tradition that you’ve all come together on, becomes universally common for all within your common law/wealth/realm.

A person coming into your common law/wealth/realm is not personally considered “common” as that person has not yet been educated and is unable to comprehend the language you are writing in, the definitions agreed upon and the reasons behind tradition etc. They must be privy to that shared COMMON knowledge to be considered “common” within your common law realm.

The people that do come together would be referred to as a “common law court”, a “common law wealth” or a “common law realm”.

Let’s go back into history. “Common law” was created under various treaties long ago by the ‘Chieftains’ of the tribes around the world. They came together and decided to create an agreement on several ideas of self interest, one being that they are their own leaders of their own groups, nations and tribes. Over time they began to put their thoughts and ideas on paper, agreeing that the spirit of the document was true in every one of their thinkings. It then took a long time and many techniques to embed that into the unsuspecting masses. This was the group of ‘Chieftains’, known as ‘Common law Chieftains’, who created their own ’common’ language/definitions and traditions.

This system that was created is known, here in the west, as ‘Feudalism’. In other parts of world, such as India, this system is called the ‘Caste’ system. ‘Feudalism’ is predicated on the idea of servants, or slaves, as is the ‘Caste’ system.

‘Feudal law’ is based on obtaining servants, ‘Serfs’, through mental, physical and financial slavery.

‘Serfdom’ was introduced in Europe during the medieval period, America and Russia during the 1600’s and eventually throughout the rest of the world as an agricultural labour system of complete servitude which has continued to the present day.

One of the grand deceptions of this system is that the ‘Serfs’ think they’re the ‘Commoners’, but the ‘Serfs’, just like the ‘Northerners’, ‘Cockneys’ or any of the other dialects who had their own language, are not actually “Commoners” according to this system. These languages were referred to by the elites as ‘Vulgar Latin’ among other derogatory references which were then injected into society as a general terminology.

To give contrast to their biased choice of terms and shed light on their arrogance, the Vatican speaks ‘Nobel Latin’. This language is completely different, it just sounds the same. So when a Vatican representative is speaking what sounds like Latin, the meanings of the words used are actually a different language only “Common law” people, “Commoners”, within the Vatican court, such as the Pope, the Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals etc. can comprehend. Just like when the Queen is addressing the people, she is speaking ‘Queens English’, which not only has different meanings with pronunciation, but with punctuation as well.

The Queen has no business or obligations to the ‘Serfs’, who are the servants or slaves of her realm. An example of ‘Queens English’ is when the Queen says “sovereign state.” Which is translated to “my state.” Which is reference to ‘Buckingham Palace’, ‘Clarence House’, ‘Windsor House’ and all the other houses and the entire ‘Commonwealth’ realm.

This is what the general public aren’t privy to, because they are the ‘Serfs’, not the ‘Commoners’ they are led to believe they are.

Going back to the original creators of this “Common law” deception. These ‘Lords’, ‘Tribal Chieftains’ and ‘Kings’ of the time, all came together to make “contract” and “covenant”. Once they did that, they were able to claim that this is the “Common law” of our “realm”, which is all confirmed through historical documents. The words used, definitions and traditions were common to them and them alone, setting them above the rest of the people, the ‘Serfs’. Not only historical documents, but modern documents created by ‘Queen Elizabeth II’, written in ‘Queens English’, comprehended only by herself and her group, the “privy court”, which is the common language that they have founded.

Within “Common law” there is what people are referred to as a “Commoner”. This reference is given to the individuals within the “Common law court”, “wealth” or “realm.” To keep the people subdued, it is portrayed by the elites controlling this system that we, the people, are the ‘Commoners’, which, as we now know, we are not. We are, in fact, the ‘Serfs’ of their system.

Unfortunately, this deception is accepted by the majority of Commonwealth countries people. Mostly because of societal connotations. People make the connection between common land and parks with the word communal. Yes, it is communal, but only within that group, those “Commoners”, not communal with the general public, which is us. That is why it is called the “law of commons” or the “House of Commons”. These “Commoners” represent the stakeholders and others within the “Realm of commoners” and why there is a “Chief commoner” of every country. The “Commoners” have this system of ‘feudal law’ and ‘Common law’ itself is a ‘Feudal’ system, there’s no other way to describe it.

To go deeper, today the “Commonwealth” nations, which are considered in a way, “independent sovereigns”, have come together to form a “commonwealth” under the “Common realm.”The general population of “Commonwealth” nations have always naturally expected and assumed that the Queen, royal and government representatives, would speak in a coherent and congruent manner. What we get is the opposite. For instance, when the Queen waves her hand in the certain way that she does, whilst being transported in her carriage pulled by horses, which is resembling a giant horse drawn crown, is giving the signal of the “all clear” for the “Commoners” within her “Court” and “Commonwealth realm”, the ‘Chieftains’, to safely reap and pillage the people, the ‘Serfs’ or servants, us.

The idea behind this is that the Queen has prepared the ‘Serfs’, demoralised them, softened them up to such an extreme point with all manners of deception, so it is now safe for you to go and “feed” from the people. This has been displayed in all “Commonwealth”nations especially from 2008 to 2017 where a huge percentage of the general population lost their homes and lands and the “Commoners” in their “realm” of the “Common courts”, law and government, acquired huge amounts of wealth through obtaining these people’s assets. When these types of claims are made upon peoples assets, it is not an assertion that something is true, but a demand for something considered ones due. Another deception that is used with language.

The ‘Monarchy’, one arch, is the one arch in which the four nations are united, which is “commonly” of their own common court systems and their “Commonwealth realm.” Britain, or, British, is other word that means ship. depending on how big that ship is you can have ‘Serfs’, ‘Lordships’ and ‘Monarchs’, which are the owners of the vessel. The owner of the vessel gives out the titles, which is why the Monarch can give people titles like ‘Sir’, which is a maritime title. The same goes for the title of ‘Mister’ which is considered the lowest from of subordinate on a ship, “commonly” know as an ‘able seaman’.

The same goes with our current centralised ‘Fiat’ debt based financial system, which is designed to increase personal and state debt surrounding the issue of promissory notes. The idea is to fool people into accepting a currency not backed by precious metals, which has been implemented not only across “Commonwealth” nations but the entire earth. Being in the possession of precious metal coins and other units of copper, silver and gold technically makes someone a ‘Sovereign’ and logically and historically, the individual coins are also considered ‘Sovereigns’. This opens the contract and opportunity to buy and sell and the means by which you go about that. It is also not subject to inflation, which can only be applied to promissory monies. Monies backed by or made with precious metals remain constant through time and borders, unlike the fictional currency we have today, designed specifically for ‘Serfs’.

The international ‘Zionist’ controlled banking system or, commonly known as “Merchant banking” or “Marine banking”, is at the crux of this ‘Maritime law’ deception that’s plagued the nations of earth for far to long. So if you don’t have a ‘Sovereign’, you don’t have the contracts that go with it or the opportunity to trade of your own free will and so, in turn, have nothing in common with a ‘Sovereign commoner’ because you don’t have a ‘Sovereign’.

A ‘Sovereign’ means to have your own money, your own language and systems in place and, by your own free will, who you contract with. The units of measure on offer, acceptance and value have to be in real money; copper, silver and gold. This makes you financially ‘Sovereign’.

We have been controlled by a private banking system since 1929 and in the private there are no laws. They make it up to further enrich themselves and to control others will and ability to be ‘Sovereign’. Even our courts are considered “Private courts”, who are after the private notes that are issued by the ‘Privateers’ which are essentially, I.O.U’s.

The ability to buy and sell legitimately comes down to whether or not there is what’s called a “Middle man” involved. A ‘Sovereign’ is not defined to need a “middle man”, nor permission from a “middle man”, such as banks, contractors and promissory notes. Note also that the image on our ‘Fiat’ currency includes an image of a man/woman in the middle.

Buying a land title outright cannot be done using ‘Fiat’ currency, ‘Serfs’ or servant money. Buying anything tangible and real to be heritable officially needs to be paid with precious metals or bond certificates. Bond certificates signify the metal type and amount of units which can be exchanged for the physical coins.

Buying land with ‘Fiat’ currency only gives whats called a “quiet title”. Which means you have no proof that you own the land. “Legally” you may have the ability to “exchange” it, which is also termed “sell”. “Selling” with ‘Fiat’ currency is participating and living in a fictional world, failing to secure authentic possession over contracting, documents and assets, because your not exchanging units of ‘Sovereignty’, the true ‘Common law’ currency among all court systems on earth.

Due to the fact that there is no closure in using ‘Fiat’ currency, it is technically slave money. It’s like the carrot and stick process where a combination of reward and punishment is used to induce a certain behaviour to keep the people always chasing and aspiring to obtain more fictitious wealth. Authentic titles are what was referred to as ‘Warranty deed’ (‘Closure deed’), a type of guarantee that he or she holds clear title to that land etc. Around the same time as the Zionist privatisation and takeover of international banking, these titles were changed to “Quiteclaim deeds”, which is more of an instrument used to transfer interest in “real property”. Just like an authentic sale of property, the ‘seller’ is refered to as the “Grantor” but is only transferring what is “leased interest” to a “Recipient” who is considered the “Grantee”, just like an authentic buy. The “Grantor” “terminates” or “quits” any “right” and “claim” to the property thereby allowing the transfer. You don’t own anything with a “quiet deed” only the “legal right” to “sell” it. Never proof of owning or outright possession, but proof of the land exchanging hands, which is another term and description of “leasing”.

So people who have access to gold, silver and copper with the ability to pen their own contracts and terms & conditions are free people, those who don’t are open to subjugation. If we regain the ability to write our own term & conditions and have access to real wealth we can establish ‘dejure sovereignty’, be self sufficient, independent and entirely free of this system of slavery. Whether it be through a religious ‘Caste’ system, or the ‘Feudal’ working class system, the idea is to have humans surrendering themselves to these tyrants using these systems. The title of the role in charge of this surrendering process, is referred to as ‘Magisterium’, ‘Magistrate’ (Magistrate court).

The historical and symbolic significance behind real tangible wealth being attributed to copper, silver and gold is that copper resembles the earth’s energy and is useful in many applications that humans have invented. Silver is representative of the moon’s energy and is extremely useful in many medical and technological methods. And gold, which is the symbol of the ‘Sovereign’, symbolic of the sun or solar, which is another term for one and also just as useful in healing and advanced applications. All three of these have unique harmonic frequencies, peso electric abilities for other non-entropic application and has allegorically and metaphorical references in many ancient text including the Bible.

“Common Law” defined by the “Monarch” means slavery and slavery is foundational to “Common law” as the “Privy council” (privacy) sets judicial precedent in “Judge law” which is “Private law”. It is also open knowledge that they’ve established “Common law” in a “quasi judicial tribunal”. “Quasi” is Latin for “almost as it were” or “as if it were”. They are just pretending. This is why they have what is called “Puny judges”, men of the lowest rank making up laws. They rely on subjugation to further their agenda and to convince people this is just the way of the world and we are all unworthy, low class Goyim, unfit to make paths and decisions for ourselves.

We have all been tricked into these ‘Feudal’ & ‘Caste’ systems for a long time and subsequently, been locked into a perpetual illusionary state of working class, middle class, upper class, aristocracy. Put simply, we are all born in the working class, we all aspire to come out of the working class in one way or another. However, the idea behind the working class system is that, the aspiration embedded into the people by this ideology, is that they always have to work. The carrot and the stick.

People working is not the problem, society has many needs, roles and responsibilities which have to be fulfilled by people, with a wide and varying range of individually diverse skills for things to flow, which benefits our families, communities and our country. What is the problem, is the people of this Country are being treated and considered as slaves and servants. Denying free will, body autonomy and forcing someone knowingly or unknowingly into slavery is a crime punishable by death.

We all need to unite under the inalienable and inherent ‘natural laws’ bestowed upon us by our Creator, which exist independently from any and all political orders, societies and nation states. For people to immediately join this alliance to cultivate a new path for Australians to be truly ‘Sovereign’. To formulate our own contracts, terms and conditions. To acquire warranty deed titles on our lands and assets. To buy and sell authentically using real tangible money. To be of our own free will.

Many establishments will need to be evicted and abolished in order to create a new way of living as ‘Sovereigns’. We need a complete revision of the “parliamentary” machine and flip its foundations from control, to acting on the will of the people. This is only possible if we all put aside our arbitrary differences and unite to forge our own Rite.

This is what we are creating.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Join Australian Sovereignty Alliance as we forge a new path founded on Natural Law - the original law of the earth.

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Oct 27, 2022

Great article and really interesting comments, too.

Common law is found in white Israelite countries and was originally based in the history and teachings of YHVH-Christ. Judges had to adhere to that history and teachings, the Bible. When we look to what works in our own history and teachings, we thrive. When we do not, we are over-run by the adversary, who are many and far more numerous than we the true Israelites.


Jul 21, 2021

Copied from an American website called National Liberty Alliance

English Common Law

A form of private law that governs relationships between individuals inclusive of Law of Contracts, Law of Torts, and Civil Law (labor law, commercial law, corporate law).

Based on precedent (prior decisions of formal courts and judges); past time-space.

Hierarchical (judges are deem authority figures).

Judges are holders of an office as a career and are often viewed as politicians.

Lower courts are subject to higher court decisions. State or federal judges often rule on cases from outside their own community.

A court is a permanent institutions set up and operated by the government.

Natural Law

Governs all life; is determined by nature and thus, universal.

Based on…

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