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Lost at Sea

We’ve Been Duped by a System of Corruption and Deception

We know our Australian government is acting out of corruption. We’ve all known it for years. We’ve all experienced it from one extend to another. Changing laws to suit themselves like they (hopefully) change their underwear each day. Taxing and fining the Australian people into poverty while lining their own pockets. Selling off our lands and assets to foreign countries. Even the history of how our Australian government was set up is steeped in corruption to the deepest levels.

They are in bed with the Chinese Communist Party, who seek to own and control our assets and lands, and the World Economic Forum, who seek to usher in a one world government run by a private group of elites through what they call the Great Reset headed by Klaus Shwab. It’s not hard to find out how much of Australia has been sold off or to piece together all the double standards and corrupt connections. Greg Hunt, the Health Minister, was the Director of Strategy at the World Economic Forum. Daniel Andrews, Victorian Premier, signed Australia up to the CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative. The QLD Premier, Anastasia Palaszczuk, also has connections as her father, Henry Palaszczuk, is the chairman of GTA (Gene Technology Alliance), another foreign initiative happening in Australia. They have since suspended their website unsurprisingly after the information got out:

Then we look at our justice system. History says that we live in a common law jurisdiction, but it’s currently drowned out by civil and statutory law that was brought in by corrupt parties. In fact, it’s a type of corporate law, maritime admiralty law that they are using to control the Australian people.

What is Maritime Admiralty Law?

Maritime admiralty law is the law of the sea or of the water. It goes back to when the British and English dominated the seas. It deals in commerce and it’s a commercial system of words and terminology. Let’s explain it in context of us as humans and you might get an idea of the extent of the corrupt game we have all been drawn into.

Firstly, ships are, by law, female. She (the ship, the vessel) delivers the products, just like women giving birth. We are birthed from the waters through the birth canal. When the ship pulls into harbor, when we are birthed, we receive a birth certificate (certificate of manifest) signed by the dock (doc, doctor).

Our names on our birth certificates are written in all caps, because that’s how governments and banks do business. All fines and correspondence from these corporations will have your name in caps – that is your strawman identity that has been bought and sold and that is the entity that stands under maritime admiralty law. The reason being is that we are born free under natural law. We cannot have that freedom taken away, so they duped us into accepting this strawman identity.

Back to the courtroom. The judge rules from the bench. Bench in Latin is bank. So the judge is ruling from the bank, because it’s all about commerce and you are an owned entity. We are all bought and sold. The bank of a river controls the current or rather, the currency. The courts of law are set out as ships. The judge playing the role of captain or banker, sits at the bench or bank. The people sit behind the gate, the floodgate. Once you open that floodgate, you step into deep waters and are considered dead. A dead man walking. That’s why we have lawyers who pass the BAR, the sand bar, to speak for us, because dead people cannot speak.

Hopefully this starts to paint a picture of the scale of deception that’s been used against us using language and symbols. There is so much more we could go into, so we’ve put a few links in the references at the end so you can continue your own research.

It doesn’t take much to see the corruption and double standards of our justice system. Those who rape children get lighter sentences than those using medicinal cannabis for health for example. Our own government is protected by a 90 year suppression order enacted by Prime Minister John Howard and another 80 year suppression order by the Labor Party. The suppression orders came about due to the Wood Royal Commission (1994) and the Mullighan Inquiry (2004) that sought to uncover corruption, namely paedophilia and sexual abuse against children. Hundreds of people were named in government, law enforcement, our justice system and other high profiles. Many committed suicide in utter shame, but the elites, high profiles, were protected by these suppression orders.

The Australian justice system is set up to protect the government, not to serve the people. As is the Australian government who is doing business as a corporate entity, not the legitimate governing body they make out to be.

Commonwealth of Australia ABN: 98724451651

United States Patent and Trademark Office serial number for the Commonwealth of Australia Coat of Arms: 89000535

Even down to things such as our Australian Taxation Office that is fraudulently misrepresenting themselves as a commonwealth entity as ruled by the High Court (Moeliker v Chapman).

Laws that are passed through parliament are written and used to control, not just the inalienable rights of the people, but the people themselves, as we are owned and this is enforced by law enforcement officers and maritime admiralty courts. We now have laws passed, unchallenged, that give the government unfathomable powers over our children, our lands, our bodies and they have even passed laws that allow foreign troops into our country with no liability.

This is just a small snapshot, summed up as simply as we can manage. The main point being that we are being ruled by corruption. We have allowed these criminals power in our country for far too long. They will destroy us and our future if we don’t stand up now, hold them to account and establish a system based on truth, transparency and accountability. A system by the people, for the people.

We must understand that the reason their laws stand today simply comes down to brute force. Lawyers agree that this is the only reason we are ruled by these laws, because the guns and cages are on the government’s side. Nothing to do with what is right and true. Truth will not succeed in a court of corruption.

So what about common law?

In a world that is desecrating our fundamental human rights, people are desperate to find an easy solution to reclaim their personal sovereignty and freedom to live their lives in peace and so many people have turned to common law as the answer. Common law is law that is not written. It is based on customs and judicial precedent. It goes by facts, truth and the value that consistent principled rules will give similar results. As we mentioned earlier, we live in a common law jurisdiction and we have seen some successful cases of people using the strawman and common law concepts in courts today.

However, today we also see a Common Law movement, people setting up Common Law systems themselves by way of registration.

The question we had was how does signing up under another system owned by another person create personal sovereignty and freedom? The simple answer is that it doesn’t. It simply gives you the illusion of power and safety; of having your freedoms back.

Common Law groups, as it is being used today, are controlled organisations that are shrouded in mystery and confusion.

If you jump over to the Australian Common Law website:

You’ll find some information, ways to donate and participate. They state that they go by the supreme common law that is our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. They also have a free record keeping service where you can provide them with all your personal details for every aspect of your life.

There’s another International Common Law Court group here with further information:

When you register your birth certificate with them you “confirm that you exist” and you gain access to CLC cards (similar to a driver’s license) and CLC currency. They even have a media campaign going where you take a selfie with their poster and email it to them.

Now they have all your information and your pictures for facial recognition. That’s a lot of collated personal information for one person or one body to control.

Lawyers have shared stories of people who have gone through this process and ended up suffering great humiliation at the hands of police, because when it all comes down to it, law is enforced by the biggest force, by guns, by cages, and by fear. Nor can you apply this concept successfully inside a maritime admiralty court.

The important thing to note here is that common law is a legitimate law and the strawman a legitimate concept, but you do not need to sign up to a group to understand or to use them.

So what is the answer?

The answer is understanding the system and uniting to fight for better.

We live in a common law jurisdiction that has been taken over by maritime admiralty law, law of the sea, by a corrupt, de-facto (not a stable state, as opposed to de jure which is a permanent status granted to a peaceful and constitutional state) government. Understand the language, understand your strawman value. Then understand that we are all born under natural law.

Natural Law

Natural law is the science of justice, the science of all human rights, of life, freedom, peace and happiness.

So long as we have a foundation of natural law, we are at peace. However, when natural law is disrupted and violated we are at war and we remain at war until natural law is re-established. Throughout the ages where humans have sought to live at peace, natural instinct and collective wisdom have directed us to one universal responsibility: that we should live honestly towards each other.

In fact, natural law can be summed up in one ancient maxim: to live honestly, to hurt no one, to give to every one his due.

If there was anything worthy of uniting over it is this. Our natural law, our sovereignty, our freedom and our fundamental human rights. It is time to break the chains we’ve been duped into accepting and to stand up, to fight for and to create something better for ourselves and for future generations.

This is what we are working towards.

Sam & Dane

Further Research

Natural Law by Lysander Spooner

Lysander Spooner- Natural Law
Download PDF • 182KB

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