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The Real Truth of Our Destruction

You know that movie line, “you can’t handle the truth”? I’ve never actually seen the movie, but I’ve seen that clip so many times I say the line in my head in the actor’s own voice.

That line has so much truth in it. Pun intended.

Everyone has become consumed with drama. It’s what they’ve programmed us to crave. Drama, entertainment, things that make us feel good. Distractions. Information overload. Anything that keeps our focus away from what they are really doing and who “they” really are.

Let me give you a quick overview of where our attention needs to be, a knowledge and a history long forgotten.

Hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The Vatican, centerpiece of a deception so deep and so dark that many who know the depths wish they didn’t.

The Vatican controls the Royals, the banks and many realms and governments around the world. They have for a long, long time. And the Vatican itself is run by secret societies. However, right at the top? There have always been “elite” family lines. These family lines protect each other, marry into each other and they control everything.

You may recognise some of their names. Rothschild, Soros, Ferrero, Orsini, Medici, Farnese, Aldobrandini.

Intentional name changes have made it difficult to track some family lines, however, most of these families you will find in the line of Popes throughout history.

Another thing you will find is their ties to secret societies and Judaism.

Secret societies such as Illuminati and Free Masonry, though there are others that delve deep into satanic practices. All of these secret societies hold dark secrets of death, satanic rituals and child sacrifice. The real foundation that the Vatican is built on. They thrive in the darkness. Many Royals, presidents and celebrities are tied to these secret societies. It’s how you get “in” and you will find that symbolism is their downfall. It’s how we know them.

As for Judaism, this story goes back to the ancient Khzarian tribe ruled by a king so cruel and so evil that the surrounding nations were forced to joined together and deal with him. They told him he must convert his nation to one of 3 Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Judaism or Islam. He choose Judaism.

But of course, such evil is not easily subdued. Instead, this Khzarian king and his inner circle formed a secret Satanic-hybrid religion, known as Babylonian Talmudism. This is where modern Jewish Rabbis get there Tulmud from. This is the foundation of Zionism.

You see, the Khzarian nation were Baal worshipers that revel in satanic rituals and occult ceremonies such as child sacrifice and the drinking of their blood. This is where drinking adrenochrome came from, a practice many celebrities are involved in today and what secret societies are built on. Satanic and Luciferian practices.

So now we start to see the connections.

From way back then, the goal was and has always been world domination. Which literally sounds like it’s straight out of a fiction movie - that’s how they’ve programmed us to think. That these things only happen in movies, but in fact, movies are often based on real life and used for psychological predictive programming. Even Mel Gibson is quoted saying that Hollywood studios are “drenched in the blood of innocent children” and “baby blood is so popular in Hollywood that it basically acts as a currency of it’s own”.

Follow the symbols. The adrenochrome compound is shaped as a rabbit - the white rabbit. Rabbits are one of their favourite symbols. The playboy bunny for example, or some of the “famous artwork” from Podesta whom celebrities love which depicts disturbing imagery. Some of which shows children bound in environments described by children of ritual abuse.

This is just scrapping the surface. Try Spirit Cooking, Frazzledrip or Pizzagate. Follow the symbolism. It’s in movies, music, children’s shows and even toys. Celebrities love their satanic symbolism.

The Super Bowl (February 2nd, the day of Satanic Revels on the Satanic Calendar), another distraction, is just one of the major events used for their rituals. Watch some of their half time shows, especially 2020. The imagery. It’s also known as the single largest human (child) sex trafficking event in the US where many children go missing.

Fire, blood, goat heads, bondage, human possession and sacrifice - all imagery you’ll see a lot in their event performances and music videos.

Those who try to speak out are quickly silenced. Chester Bennington, Avicci, Michael Jackson to name a few.

From there we learn that they (now that we know who ‘they’ are) control all banks, major corporations and industries around the world. The media, the entertainment industry, the food industry, healthcare, education, governments... they control everything.

And because they have infiltrated all these things over generations, they have been able to psychologically program and “educate” society to believe and accept things that, once upon a time, they never would have.

That we are walking death traps, dangers to our friends and families. Isolation, muzzling, 24/7 tracking, forced mass human experimentation (gene therapies, genetically modifying humanity) which will then lead to transhumanism and greater control over humankind.

They have the world believing it’s overpopulated and that we are killing the earth so that we willingly start wanting and planning ways to sacrifice our own children and exterminate ourselves.

They’ve been behind all wars, social unrest, division, terrorism, poverty, child trafficking, pandemics and the destruction of the foundations of a healthy, thriving world. They are behind the greatest deception of humankind and they will also be the cause of our complete destruction.

We don’t need to watch another YouTube video or another dramatic rant from an influencer. We don’t need to be following the stats on the deaths from this so called “vaccine”. We don’t need to be registering for this movement or that, because it’s all controlled and set up. They will cause such civil unrest that we will all run straight to our own slaughter.

No. What we need is to start withdrawing from their system, their control and their influence which they have over everything. And we need to start reprogramming our minds out from under their psychological manipulation. The answer to all this is to withdraw from them, from the fictional world they have enslaved us in through generations of lost knowledge that gives them the power they hold over us. We must do the hard work in healing ourselves, our families and our communities. Reclaim our sovereignty which we lost a long, long time ago. We must forge a new path for humanity.

Some of us will prefer to remain slaves. Addicted to the fake pleasures they drip feed, like drug addicts and dogs returning to their vomit. But slaves have no freedom. No future. They will own nothing. Be nothing. Nothing but goyum, cattle to an evil that plays games with their souls.

If you want to end this, withdraw from them. Exit their system. Help humanity forge a new path.

This is the truth that many can’t handle and refuse to accept.

“You may choose to look away, but you can never again say you did not know.” - William Wilberforce

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Continue digging through the deception by watching "Europa: The Last Battle" linked on the homepage of our website.

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Apr 29, 2021

Love the work you do Sam (and Dane with your role within all this as well), you totally smashed the bullseye with that. It's been something I've struggled with for a long time and still now, even with all the new people/friends I've met it's still been a very dark and lonely time. I've tried to get family and friends to at least hear me out in so many different ways that I've lost quite a few of those people and the remainder just think i'm nuts. I wish I had your writing skills, I may not have copped as much grief for what I thought was just trying to do the right thing. Great work again on not on…

Samantha Packer
Samantha Packer
Apr 29, 2021
Replying to

Hi Scott,

It sure is a difficult path we take for those of us who seek truth and true freedom from a system that has made us slaves. There are so many more of us now, so hopefully you can start gathering a local tribe of your own. This is where we must turn our attention now. We have more plans coming, but for now we must continue healing ourselves, our families and our communities and gathering our tribes.

Thank you for your strength and your courage! We stand with you. ✊🏻



Apr 29, 2021

Totally agree; no more; no more vaccine videos; no more TV; no more connecting with those that don‘t align with our beliefs or goals. NO MORE!

Samantha Packer
Samantha Packer
Apr 29, 2021
Replying to

Yes! No more of their toxic distractions and fake “entertainment”. No more drama.

Together we’re forging a new path! ✊🏻

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