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Who Are We

Australian Sovereignty Alliance is a European Nationalist movement dedicated to the betterment of the nation by the people, for the people.

Here in Australia, we have watched the destruction of our nation, European culture and traditional values for far too long. Our leaders have destroyed our Australian strength and pride, sold our country, disarmed and oppressed its people and continue to deceive and abuse the people of Australia year after year, day after day.

They are not for us and never were.

Finally, for the first time, a strong Nationalist movement has surfaced here in Australia which counters and rejects the tyrannical and corrupt path our Australian government has led us down and the internationalist agenda that seeks the destruction of our country, our future and our way of life.

We are the frontline of patriotic Australians willing to defend our families, communities and our nation.

We are loyal to God and Nation, we stand for freedom, justice, morality and the preservation of traditional European values and our Australian way of life.

Never before has Australia's stability and safety been under such great threat. Never before have our families, values and traditions been so attacked. These systemic threats that face us as a nation can be solved with a nationally sovereign government.

We propose an alliance of the people, for the people.


Our mission is simply this, to save our nation from total collapse under an international agenda.


To introduce and facilitate the introduction of a Nationalist system through unity and organisation by first raising awareness of and removing all international influence within our Nation.



To challenge the international agenda by all means possible through activism and by promoting and empowering individuals and communities, based on traditional European morals and values, to create a path outside of the current feudal system. In doing so, beginning the process of removing the power this current system has over the Australian people.

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Application to Join

Australian Sovereignty Alliance is not a news subscription service or passive membership. Our purpose is to connect people all over Australia who are ready and willing to take action within their local communities to promote the objective truth and pave a way forward.


Passive members will have their membership revoked.

By submitting an application you are confirming that you have watched "Europa: the Last Battle" and align with the vision and mission of ASA and wish to become a driving force of a new system in your community. Inactive members will be removed.

Please note, we use this form to verify that you are a real human. We've been receiving applications without real names and sections left blank which we've been forced to delete. Your information is kept absolutely confidential within the highest ranks of ASA.

Thank you!

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