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The Great Reset

Meet Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset (basically just a new name for the New World Order).

This is an agenda pushed by elites to connect the entire world through technology, design a brand new human race in a brand new tech saturated and modified world and then control every aspect of it through a privatised one world government.

Or you can read Klaus Schwab's books, "The Forth Industrial Revolution" or "The Great Reset".

Klaus talks about the impact this agenda will have on us all on page 97 of his book, ‘The Forth Industrial Revolution’. How it will change our very essence and the nature of human existence and how it will require us to adapt continuously:

“This gives rise to an inequality that goes beyond the societal one described earlier (the terror threat those of us pose because we refuse his agenda). This ontological inequality will separate those who adapt from those who resist - the material winners and losers in all senses of the words. The winners may even benefit from some form of radical human improvement generated by certain segments of the forth industrial revolution, such as genetic engineering, from which the losers will be deprived”. - Klaus Schwab

He talks continually about this fight and tension between people, cities and countries, constantly adapting, shifting and innovating to be bigger and better. I felt the stress of this new world pouring out of the pages.

And it’s already happening.

In this same book it described 23 societal shifts that these elites are expecting or that are happening right now. The first: Implantable Technologies

Implantable tech that will monitor you, your communication, location and behaviour -

data is a big business today, all the details of your life can and are being sold for someone's profit.

How do you feel about being monitored 24/7, your life decisions and data used for AI development and sold for profit. Every single thing you do and say, your movements, all your life choices, shopping, health, restaurant picks, what you make for lunch each day, literally every breath you take?

We are already being desensitised to it with street surveillance, mobile phone and online monitoring, home tech such as Google Home listening to all your conversations, wearing health trackers such as Fit Bits and now with COVID tracking. It's like a slow boil.

Flick anywhere in this book and you will come across some extremely disturbing things. They literally want to redesign the world through DNA editing. And again, they’re already doing it. They know exactly how to edit DNA. Food, animals and humans. We've been eating genetically modified food for years. They've been messing with the animal kingdom longer than you might know and they've already created a vaccine that literally changes our DNA forever. Again, all thanks to COVID.

Get ready for animals designed to grow human organs and human babies designed with what characteristics you choose. And then there's transhumanism and Human 2.0. Klaus Schwab sure is excited.

To quote the man himself, “we are confronted with new questions around what it means to be human, what data and information about our bodies and health can or should be shared with others, and what rights and responsibilities we have WHEN IT COMES TO CHANGING THE VERY GENETIC CODE OF FUTURE GENERATIONS.”

Emphasis my own, obviously.

So what's Australia's part in the Great Reset? Let's look at some connections.

Greg Hunt, Minister for Health, was picture with Klaus Schwab's book "the Great Reset" sitting pride of place on his bookshelf. I feel like I have a few health books he needs to replace this with... Greg, if you're reading this, I'll hook you up!

What is most concerning though, is that Mr Greg Hunt was actually the Director of Strategy at the World Economic Forum in Geneva in 2000. They are all tied in together. They’ve had many, many years to get their people into all the right places.

The Smart City agenda is a big initiative in the Great Reset - moving everyone into controlled cities. Check out which cities are signed up to that one:

Melbourne and Sydney signed up to the “Resilient Cities Network” literally funded by the Rockefeller Foundation:

Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide signed up to the “Smart Cities World” initiative all about creating “smart cities” using the ideas and language found in Klaus Schwab’s book ‘The Forth Industrial Revolution’:

Implantable tech like we mentioned above - there are so many ways they can use this technology to control a population: Australia Has Started Microchipping People (

Parliament of Australia talking about emerging technologies: Chapter 3 - Emerging technologies – Parliament of Australia (

And let’s not forget Senator Pauline Hansen’s call in parliament a month or so ago to boycott the World Economic Forum due to the Great Reset Agenda that was voted down 2 - 37 with Greens calling us all conspiracy theorists.

The Australian Government is well aware of the Great Reset and is in full support. We’re already signed up. These are just a few of the connections. With more digging, you will uncover many more, because we all know we were sold out a long time ago.

They are desensitising us slowly, drip feeding us, like slow boiling a frog. Little by little our freedoms are being snapped up and we our becoming more and more “plugged in”. We are already swapping to a cashless society and online IDs before our very eyes. More concepts straight out of the Klaus Schwab’s book. People only resist for so long before they are swept up in it all.

It’s coming.

In another year you might read this a feel a little less worried. Maybe even less than a year.

Watch them as they desensitise us to combining technology with our biology, ready for the next phase: a wider acceptance and uptake of designer babies and a new human race - transhumanism or Human 2.0. (PDF) DESIGNING HUMAN 2.0 (TRANSHUMAN) – REGENERATIVE EXISTENCE ( I mean, Klaus even mentions in his book the concern on whether merging tech with our biology will start to take away who we are, such as our emotion and empathy.

That won’t stop this seemingly unquenchable obsession with technology and control. They want to see how far they can go. How much they can play god before we stand up and say no more.

Remember, at the beginning of this year it was all about “flattening the curve” to preserve hospitals. That desensitised people to the idea of trying to “wipe out a virus” through lockdowns, tracking and essentially the giving up of basic human freedom.

A completely unscientific and baseless idea that the masses have taken up without much thought, because it’s all about the social engineered idea of “being a good person”, right?

Now we are seeing an unprecedented spotlight on vaccines, flicking, through mainstream media, between fear porn and this so called vaccine that will supposedly "save the world". This is to desensitise people to the idea of synthetic, injectable immune systems and mixing biology with tech, which is essentially what this new vaccine is with it's new experimental technology. Among other things. We know genetically redesigning the human race through technology is something Klaus pushes in his Great Reset that our government is all over.

So what if our outrage at our government is also designed and fueled by Klaus to desensitise us to the new, privatised one world “government” that he also wants to see happen? We are dealing with some of the most intelligent minds on the earth here. We must stay on guard and question everything.

Klaus refers to us (those standing up for our basic human right to freedom, sovereignty and natural health) in his book as “violent extremists” who are a threat to international security. He says and I quote from page 81 in his book, ‘The Forth Industrial Revolution’, referring to a hyper-connected world:

“Widening social exclusion, the challenge of finding reliable sources of meaning in a modern world, and disenchantment with established elites and structures, perceived or real, has motivated extremist movements and enabled them to recruit for a violent struggle against existing systems.”

Notice the language and psychological manipulation used in his words. He is pitting governments and citizens against each other.

In fact, this language is all through his book. Like I mentioned at the start, he's pitting people, cities and countries against each other in a competitive fight to be the best, the top of the chain.

What’s his end game?

We have a handful of people with god complexes running a worldwide agenda for control and power. Controlling social structures, education, healthcare, global movement, defence forces, technology, governments and basically every area of our world, even the weather.

I know for many people this is going to sound crazy. It’s designed to. But the evidence is right in front of us and it’s time to open your eyes because time is running out.

I’ll leave you with my favourite quote. The further we walk from nature, the close to disease (and death) we become. We know we cannot play with nature and expect harmony. We are designed to be natural. Mess with that and we will lose our humanity. Humans are not gods, we cannot hope to be more intelligent than the Creator and we will never live in peace when greed and power are in control.

Klaus mentions numerous times in his book the major threat of “the resistance” to his new world order. I’m proud to be part of that movement. Join Australian Sovereignty Alliance.

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Great post Sam! I have read Klaus Schwab's book "The Great Reset" and I did not like what I read. I have two grandchildren that I believe should have a normal life without interference from these unnatural beings and their insane plans. Our only hope is to wake up as many people as possible to what is happening. We, the people, way outnumber these elites. We need to make the governments of the world accountable. Instead of telling the "normal" people that this Covid thing is totally fraudulent (because they are too brainwashed to believe that), we approach it in a different way. Let's talk about climate control. Most people have noticed that the weather patterns have changed over the…



Samantha, that is brilliantly written! I, too, refuse to comply and I will stand up against this tyranny! I will do whatever it takes to fight for our rights and freedoms and if it means ”losing” everything (eg job, income, etc) so be it! I will NEVER comply with this! I stand with you!

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