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A Universal Income with Bonus Chains

The Greens, lovers of Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset, are pushing for a universal basic income, one of Klaus’ goals for the entire world (read the Forth Industrial Revolution). They (the Greens) recently did a survey through their “think tank” that showed an increase in support in Australia for a universal basic income.

In my conversations with the Greens standing at pre-polling during the recent QLD state election where I ran as a candidate, this was brought up. It’s packaged in a nice little bow as free money for everyone and people are excited about it.

However, there are many little strings attached that are purposely hidden behind the pretty packaging that no one talks about.

This universal basic income is designed to create dependence on the government, stifle creativity and stop people from achieving their goals and dreams.

People will be given a basic income to keep them just above the poverty line while heavily taxing (to pay for it) those who try to better themselves, stifling any desire to do better in life and achieve anything. Widening the gap between us and the elites.

Look at the people calling for this. They are the wealthiest people on earth and there is no way they are going to sacrifice their wealth.

It will be the middle class, all of our small businesses, that will be sacrificed on the alter of a universal basic income. Creating a society dependent and completely controlled by their government.

And if Klaus has his way, it will be a private government consisting of the wealthiest people on earth.

So let me ask... consider the fact that they closed all small businesses (and kept the large ones open) under the guise of a virus that has a 99.8% recovery rate, a knee jerk reaction absolutely unheard of in history. Decimating the economy and driving a massive percentage of the population to dependence on the government, crushing dreams and hope and the reason for the increase in support of a universal income... do you think it was all planned to help bring about the Great Reset without too much of a fight?

Do you honestly still believe the government cares about you?

The warning signs are here, you can never say you did not know. 🚨

"The rate of support for UBI (Universal Basic Income) was probably around 43 to 45 per cent before COVID, and the YouGov survey has picked up a big jump in support," Mr Patulny told the ABC.

"That's a pretty decent set of evidence that COVID has brought about more interest and sympathy in the UBI."

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