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Cultural Marxism in Australia

Cultural Marxism is an ideology inspired by the Jewish father of Marxism, Karl Marx, that states that traditional culture is the source of oppression in the modern world. Things like the nuclear family, traditional masculinity and femininity and freedom of speech are oppressors, because oppression as defined by Cultural Marxism does not mean enslavement, abuse or assault, but rather disrespect, disapproval or social inequality, which can be completely subjective. It is an ideology much loved by virtue signalers and those who are constantly looking to be insulted by something.

This takes us to another offshoot of Marxism, Moral Relativism. Moral Relativism is the idea that there are no absolute or universal moral values and any moral or value is mere opinion. In a society of hyper individualism, this means that we cannot hold anyone accountable for anything. There are no standards, no rules, no right or wrong.

This is being taught in schools and universities, promoted through media and entertainment and it is the reason we are witnessing the demoralisation and weakening of our country today.

Cultural Marxism is being taught in our schools via Critical Race Theory, part of Marxist ideology, that teaches European children that they are natural oppressors and that "whiteness" is what is wrong in this world. They are taught to be ashamed of and shun their own culture and their own people and to idolise black culture.

Now we are starting to see this ideology within the freedom movement of Australia with people being directed to the Aboriginals believing their Lore is the only way forward and idolising them as a kind of pure, ultra spiritual race founded on peace and that they alone hold true ownership of and sovereignty within Australia. For many years there has been gradual programming towards this ideal. An example of this is the exaggeration of Aboriginal civilisational prowess and enlightenment in Bruce Pascoe’s disingenuously celebrated book “Dark Emu”. Although full of errors, fanciful conclusions and exaggerations, most academics are either afraid to publicly criticise the book’s scholastic flaws as others have praised its virtues publicly.

In fact, their culture has been completely white washed to appear more socially acceptable today, but in reality, Aboriginal culture was purely primitive. There were over 500 warring tribes who occupied territories each with a number of separate clans and languages, unlike the message today that they were peaceful and united. The warring is still happening today, with ongoing disputes over land and rights. Having spent time in outback Indigenous communities, we know firsthand that there are many who despise their culture for holding them back from a free life they long to have. Women are raped and abused, men drink themselves into stupors and children are committing suicide.

On top of that, as late as the 1950s, Aboriginal women were still killing and eating their babies. It was widely documented that Aboriginals were cannibalistic and infanticide was common practice. See "The Incidence of Cannibalism in Aboriginal Society" and "Infanticide in Traditional Aboriginal Society".

Let's go back to the matter of land rights. Consider for a moment, the history of our world. If all lands were traced back to who stood on those lands first, we would all, every one of us, find ourselves displaced. Go back far enough and you will see, most nations on this earth have warred, have conquered and been conquered. Although, not always positive, this has been the progression of humanity. Popular culture today has programmed the masses, through entertainment with a false history full of exaggerations and projections. We now view this not only as a horrifying concept but, it has also given us a jaundiced view of reality. Great nations were built and great evil was dispelled through this process. Common heritage and extended kinship formed the basis of how nations were born and able to govern and protect their people from the hands of avaricious powers– such as international eugenicists who are now tightening the chains around our wrists and ankles today.

Let’s now consider the history of Australia. This too, has been changed and manipulated to suit the agenda of these internationalists. Europeans were brought here in chains, made slaves by the Crown, after they were forced into poverty by the Jewish bankers. Uprooted from their homeland and their families.

The Crown, in debt to Jewish bankers, prospered through Jewish owned slave ships and colonial enterprises which brought these convicts to this country where many more atrocities were committed towards the Aboriginal population. None of this was contrived by the hands of everyday European people, however, the Crown and Jewish Bankers ensured, just like many times throughout history, that the attention was not on them, but on the “white race”.

Unfortunately, the military and constabulary, largely Europeans, were used to commit these crimes against the Aboriginals at the behest of the Crown and her Jewish allies; one of the sad episodes of European history.

Forced to these shores against their will, they did what Europeans do best, they adapted, they built, they created, they developed this land into what we see today. Australia, as we know and love it, was built on the backs of Europeans. European ingenuity, strength, intelligence and blood. Yes, these lands were also protected by the blood of European men and women. European blood runs in this soil today and Europeans accept the responsibility to stand up and fight for it, to take it back from the hands of vile men who seek to extort its peoples, both Indigenous and European, to plunder its rich resources.

However, instead of acknowledging that, Europeans are simply blamed and demonised. To pass blame and responsibility onto another race or ethnic group or expect them to somehow heal trauma does not come from an ultra-spiritual and sovereign people. Sovereignty within a tribe means you have the ability to heal your own tribe, the ability to secure and defend your tribe’s territory, the ability to maintain your own tribe’s subsistence and the ability to help and advocate for your own tribe. Unfortunately many Aboriginals, as are many European Australians, are suffering from the divide and conquer tactic that pit groups and races against each other.

One of the most concerning factors in the push for Aboriginal led sovereignty is that they want to achieve it by calling the UN and international support to step in.

In 2021, a video from a movement called Original Sovereign Tribal Federation pleading for international support went viral following another video from Reignite Democracy, an Australian political movement, that also went viral, calling for international support. Since then, Riccardo Bosi, leader of political party, Australia One, spoke to David from OSTF, and joined their call for international support.

What international support would there be during an international takeover other than UN interference under International Law? The UN was founded by communists and openly promote Marxist ideologies.

Is this the real reason for these videos that have been allowed to go viral outside of Australia?

Especially considering the Defence Legislation Amendment that allows foreign troops total immunity on our Australian soil.

Original Sovereign Tribal Federation has a UN representative that, back in 2012, requested that the UN "grow a backbone" and to step in to "remove the colonization of Australia" and give the land to the Indigenous population. So it is very clear that OSTF are calling the UN to take charge of Australian affairs, something that should be ringing the alarm bells of every Australian.

In the OSTF video that went viral, they claim that their people are being targeted. And they are. However, all peoples in this country are being targeted. Their struggles are echoed in every community, every town, every city and every race. People are going homeless, unable to provide for themselves and their families any longer, mass business and job losses, suicides, people being denied lifesaving medical treatments, arrests, forcing people into isolation and camps and dying from being coerced and blackmailed into getting jabbed with the experimental gene editing injection – this is happening all over this country.

The claim that Aboriginals are being solely targeted may likely be because Aboriginals are seeing this from their perspective only, which is natural, since they are likely thinking of their best interests rather than the interests of the nation of Australia as a whole. Could this be seized upon and used as a falseflag by international and domestic enemies to continue to drive the perception of animosity, victimhood and supremacy between the Ingenious and other ethnic groups? The “race card” in the background is an oft used weapon to continue the divide and conquer strategy.

David, one of the leaders of the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation, also claims in the video that, and we quote, “we hold all seven DNAs”, claiming to be the original people of the entire world. However, the “Out of Africa” theory, which this stems from, has been debunked, though not without struggle, due to the fact it does not fit with the globalist agenda which is to remove the very concept of race.

The history of Aboriginals has been manipulated and rewritten for political purposes when they were conquered as explained by Indigenous historian, Keith Windschuttle, in his book “The Fabrication of Aboriginal History” [see also "The Killing of History: How Literary Critics and Social Theorists Are Murdering Our Past"]. This is a tactic commonly used by internationalists, communists and the Jewish elite all throughout history.

Our own European history and the history of the world, through the education system, has also been rewritten to align with the goals of our common enemy.

This is one of Australia’s most contentious topics, but it needs to be openly discussed and laid bare. We must all confront this programming and false narrative individually and as a nation. There are outspoken Aboriginals, those who are generally Westernised, given large platforms and manipulated by other agendas and financial gains distant from their own people, who have wrongly promoted “woe is me” victimhood within Aboriginal culture. Many of their leaders advocate for everything to be handed to them without putting in effort themselves. Advocating for healing to come from outside their group locks them into a downward spiral of victimhood that can be easily manipulated, prolonging suffering. Land titles, handouts and ever increasing dependence, also encouraged by the government at the hands of these globalists, sadly moves through each generation only decimating their very existence. This is not indicative of a sovereign people, nor does it reflect the opinions and views of Aboriginal individuals who are healing and are grounded in their authentic identities, those we don’t hear from, whose voices are drowned out by propaganda pushed by Marxist ideologies.

The vast majority of everyday Europeans support the Aboriginals of this country thriving as a separate culture. They hold no ill will towards them. Many have tried, in their own ways, to assist them. Internationalists however, using our government as a puppet on a string, are doing everything in their power, not just to limit the growth and healing of the Aboriginals, but to ensure it festers, destroying them from within. Just as they do with every race and nation. So rather than blaming the “white race”, let us join together in turning towards the real enemy of our peoples, because the mainstream narrative that all white Australians are responsible for the current position the Aboriginals are in, is the most vile, sinister and false claim that has ever been shoved down the throats of all Australians.

Until we stop looking around at each other, pointing fingers, refusing to accept responsibility for or take pride in our own people and our own tribes and races, we will never succeed at freeing this nation or any nation from the grip of the vile hands of internationalists. As they planned and hoped, our individual nations worldwide will be destroyed at the hands of its own people.

Australia, it is up to us to fight this information war, to confront the lies, the propaganda and the programming. It is our individual responsibility to fight for our peoples. To bring to light the truth, to initiate healing and to banish all those working to overwhelm and destroy our nation under the International agenda .

With that said, we do not support any movement that is seeking foreign aid, in particular, that of UN International Law, which all members of the freedom movement across the world who claim to be a critical thinker should know is a corrupt organisation intent on destroying our individual nations. Nor do we support any movement seeking to in-still Aboriginal Lore as the law of this land, a law that has seen vast division and warring of peoples for thousands of years and has kept an entire culture of people from developing past the Stone Age.

We do support the alliance of the European and Aboriginal races of this country, working for the betterment of our individual peoples and cultures and the sovereignty of this nation under a Nationalist government founded on Natural Law and outside of International control.

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Oct 27, 2022

Brilliant article. We rarely see such open and straight insights mostly due to propagandists who benefit from lying to our elect. Let us add some detail for you.

We White Israelites arrived a very long time ago, both on the land of Australia (thought to be Issachar) and on New Zealand (thought to be Zebulun), both far longer than two hundred years ago and we are not Jews, Jews are not Judah either. That is the biggest identity theft in the history of the people. Our people were warred against by the cannibals and tribes who arrived LATER, and who the Maori and Ab's come from. We do not have to subscribe to lies taught in the schools of the…


Aug 28, 2022

I do not believe Dave was calling out to the UN, I think you got that part wrong, I think he was putting a call out to the world community. I do agree that it is not a race issue, the current day issue has no boundaries, nonetheless in the past the original indigenous populations have been and continue to be targeted, has nothing to do with current issue as it targets everyone. also perhaps they have a UN representative because they wish to hear what the UN have planned, kind of makes sense to send in a scout.


Nov 27, 2021

Ok. A good write up, and I think it is fair enough to point out some of the inconsistencies by OSTF. However, even your own page header says "divided we stand, united we fall", and that is also important to recognize and uphold. So, while I do think its OK to offer alternative perspectives and offer a critique of others, I think its also important to recognize similarities and strengths. Both OSTF and also Bosi's support of them are grounded in natural law. Part of the curse that has assailed Australia is that the Cabal-driven authorities, when arriving in Australia, simply declared it terra nullus and thereby claimed it, whereas under any common law or natural law, ownership (Claim) is…

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