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The Truth of Communism

The war we currently find ourselves in, began back during the Russian Revolution. The war on humanity never ended.

COVID is simply a distraction.

Communism is bloodshed and furthers the agendas and dark spiritual desires of those in power today. Those who control governments, media, the finance industry, the entertainment industry, the health and education industries, and through them, you.

Every step of this has been meticulously planned and orchestrated.

Every new “crisis”.

Every “side” controlled.

They have studied psychology war. They know how to program the human mind. And by owning all forms of information output, they have a death grip on humanity.

The winners of war write history and those who don’t know the truth of it are doomed to repeat it.

We must find ways to become louder than our enemies.

Below are shareable info memes that track the beginning of communism. May the truth be known far and wide.

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1 Comment

John Howard
John Howard
Nov 24, 2021

Almost exactly 100 years later…here we go again. If only more people would understand what is unfolding in front of their eyes. Thank you ASA for spreading awareness of what’s currently a somewhat ‘inconvenient’ history for the MSM and our schools.

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