We Stand Under Natural Law

Foundational Framework and Comprehension of Governing Principles and Authority

This is Australian Sovereignty Alliance’s official establishing document, which is of formal, systematic, logical and objective nature. This document is about the established authority and lawful order under which Australian Sovereignty Alliance derives its authority from and which is governed by. Australian Sovereignty Alliance strongly rejects all forms of usury and slavery and have also included a brief history, on how usury originally manifested and infiltrated its way into governments. The conclusions of this document are based on a detailed consideration of factual evidence of governing natural and biblical principles, intrinsic to human nature and human rights. Peace, natural justice, natural rights, natural freedom and natural society are all intrinsic to Natural Law. Natural Law is the science of all human rights and all rights to an individual’s life, free will and estate (property). It is the science which alone can tell any individual what one can and cannot do, what one can and cannot have, and what one can and cannot say, without infringing the rights of any other human.

These conditions within Natural Law are simply these: first, that each individual shall do, towards every other, all that justice requires an individual to do. For example, that one pays their debts, that one shall return borrowed or lost property to its owner, and that one shall make reparation for any injury an individual has committed against another individual or their property. Secondly, that each individual shall abstain from doing, to another, anything which justice forbids us to do. As for example, that an individual shall abstain from committing theft, robbery, arson, murder or any other act of violence or destruction towards another or their property.

So long as these fundamental conditions are fulfilled, individuals within a society are at peace and will remain at peace with each other. But when either of these conditions are violated, individuals are at war and will remain at war, until justice is re-established.

Throughout the ages, so far as history informs us, wherever mankind has attempted to live in peace with each other, both the natural instincts and the collective wisdom of the human species, have acknowledged and prescribed, as an indispensable condition, obedience to this one universal obligation. That each individual should live honestly towards every other. The ancient maxim is the commitment of an individual’s legal duty to all their comrades, “To live honestly, to hurt no one, to give to everyone their due.” This entire maxim is really expressed in the single words, to live honestly, since to live honestly is to hurt no one and give to everyone their due.

One no doubt, owes many other moral duties to their fellow comrades, such as to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, care for the sick, protect the defenseless, assist the weak and enlighten the ignorant. These are the moral duties, of which each individual must be their own judge, in each particular case, as to how and far one can or will perform them. But because of an individual’s natural legal duty to live honestly towards each other within society, all others not only may judge, but, for their own individual and national protection, must judge. And, if need be, they may do this individually or in unity, in an instant, as the necessity arises, or steadily and systematically, if they prefer to do so.

It is the right of any individual, or group of individuals, no less than another, to repel injustice and compel justice for themselves and for all who may be wronged, yet to avoid the errors that are liable to result from haste and passion, and that everyone, who deserves it, may rest secure in the assurance of protection, without resorting to force. It is evidently desirable that individuals within a nation should associate, so far as they freely and voluntarily can do so, for the maintenance of justice among themselves and for mutual protection against wrongdoers. It is also in the highest degree desirable that they should agree upon some plan or system of judicial proceedings, which, in the trial of causes, should secure caution, deliberation, thorough investigation and as far as possible, freedom from every influence but the simple desire to do justice.

These type of associations and alliances can only be rightful and desirable so long as they are purely voluntary. No individual can rightfully be coerced into joining one, or supporting one, against one’s own free will. Individual interest, judgement and conscience alone must determine whether one joins any association. If an individual chooses to depend, for the protection of their own rights, solely upon themselves, but also participates voluntarily and gives assistance to their comrades who freely offer it, when the necessity for it arises, has a perfect right to do so. This should always be a safe course to take in their nation, so long as the individual should manifest the ordinary readiness of their other comrades and go to the assistance and defense of others in peril. Such an individual is sure to always have unity and peace with their comrades and enough defenders when the case arises, whether one joins any association or not.

No individual can be rightfully required to join or support an association whose protection they don’t desire, approve or in their opinion, be insufficient. Individual interest, discretion and conscience dictates individual sovereignty.

Honesty, Justice and natural law, are very plain and simple matters, easily comprehended by most individuals. One who desires this knowledge doesn’t have to go far to attain it. It is unlimited in the application, as the guidance for the infinite relations and dealings between individuals within a society. Every individual has an intuitive perception to these simple elementary principles and most individuals have the same perception of what constitutes justice. Individuals living amongst others within a society cannot avoid learning natural law. The dealings between individuals, their separate possessions, their individual wants, the disposition of every individual to demand and insist whatever they believe is their due, to resent and resist all invasions of what one believes is a violation of their rights. Are all intrinsically tied to natural law and is originally how European/Western societies were predicated.

Children also learn the fundamental principles of natural law at an incredibly young age. A child gains an early comprehension that one must not, without just cause, strike another child, assume control or domination over another and to not by force, deceit or stealth, obtain possession of anything that belongs to another. If a child commits any of these wrongs against another, it is not only the right of the injured child to resist, punish or compel for reparation, but the right of all other children to assist the injured individual in defending their rights and amending wrongs. These are foundational principles of natural law, which govern the most important and basic transactions between individuals.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that, in most cases, if not all, that any individual, young and old, learn this natural law long before they have learned the meanings of the word’s we use to describe them. Objectively, it would be impossible to comprehend the real meanings if they didn’t first comprehend the nature of the thing itself. To try and make one comprehend the meanings of the word’s justice and injustice, before comprehending the nature of the things themselves, would be impossible. It would be the same as trying to make one comprehend the meanings of wet and dry, cold and heat, black and white, one and two, darkness and light, before comprehending the nature of the things themselves. Individuals must know sentiments and ideas, no less than material things, before they know the meanings of the word’s we use to describe them.

If justice isn’t a natural principle, it is not a principle at all. If it isn’t a natural principle, there is no such thing as justice. If it isn’t a natural principle, all that has ever been said and written about it, from the beginning of records, is said and written based on something that has no existence. If it isn’t a natural principle, all the appeals for justice that have ever been heard and all the struggles for justice that have ever been witnessed, have been appeals and struggles for a mere fantasy. If justice isn’t a natural principle, then there is no such thing as injustice and all the crimes committed here on earth, haven’t been crimes at all, but just mere events, like the falling of rain or the  setting of the sun. Events that the victims, have no more reason to complain about than they had to complain about the running of streams or the growth of plants. If justice isn’t a natural principle or natural law itself, then every human coming into the world is totally void of rights and would remain that way forever. Which we all inherently know, isn’t true.

So, because there is a natural principle of justice, it is to be considered a matter of science, to be learned and applied like any other science. To ever talk of either adding to or taking from it, would be inherently false and absurd, just as it would be to talk of adding to or taking from mathematics, chemistry or any other science, by legislation. Nothing can be added to or taken away from its supreme authority by any and all the legislation humans are capable of creating. Because there is a natural principle of justice, it guides and informs us what rights were given to every individual at birth, what those rights are and that they remain within an individual during their life. Even though an individual’s rights can be breached, they are incapable of being stamped out, extinguished, annihilated, separated or eliminated from an individual’s nature as a human and can never be deprived of their inherent authority or obligation. Because there is a natural principle of justice, it is the highest and the only universal authority to matters which are naturally applicable. Therefore, no individual or group of individuals can claim to have discovered something better than truth, justice and the universal natural laws, which makes natural justice the only political principle there ever was or ever will be.

So why is it, that this natural science of justice, hasn’t prevailed? Why hasn’t it been established throughout the courts and universally implemented as what individuals are rightfully compelled to obey? And how have we been convinced something as false, absurd and atrocious as all legislation could ever be used to benefit our society?

Throughout history, whenever a group of individuals have advanced beyond the savage state and have learned to increase their standard of living. A group of individuals within the larger collective, associated and organised themselves as robbers, to plunder and enslave all others who either owned land or possessions that could be seized and forced against their will, by their labour, to contribute towards the will and pleasures of the individuals that have enslaved them. This group of robbers, which started small in number, have increased their influence and power, by uniting with each other, inventing weapons of war, disciplining themselves and perfecting their organisations and military forces, dividing their plunder in agreed upon proportions.

The success of this band of robbers was an easy thing, reason being, those that they plundered and enslaved were defenceless, scattered thinly over the countryside, having no instruments of war other than sticks and stones, having no military discipline or organisation, having no means of consolidating their forces or acting in concert, they were overrun when attacked suddenly. Once occupied, the only option left for them to save their lives, their families and greater community, was to surrender all crops that have been gathered, all personal possessions, their labour and the lands that they had cultivated for themselves and their community. From then on, they were considered slaves, forced to cultivate for others the lands they had once before cultivated for themselves. These tyrants, living solely on plunder and the labour of their slaves, applied all their energies and efforts into the acquisition of more plunder and enslaved more defenceless people, perfecting their organisations and extending their instruments of war, they expanded their conquests. Until, in order to keep hold of what they have already acquired, they needed to unite further and act systematically and co operate with each other in holding their slaves in subjection. All of this has been committed under what they call and define as government and what they call and define as laws.

Almost all the governments of the world, those currently in operation as well as those that have come before, have been of this character. A band of robbers associated and united for the purpose of plunder, enslavement and destruction of their fellow man. And their so called laws they refer to, have only been agreements necessary to enter into, in order to maintain their organisations and secure their share of the spoils. Most of their legislation have had no more real obligation than the agreements which robbers, bandits and pirates find it necessary to enter into for the more successful accomplishment of their crimes and a more peaceful division of their spoils. A substantial amount of all legislation created throughout the world, had its origin in the evil and sinister desires of one class of individuals, to plunder, enslave and hold others as property.

In time, the slave holding class, who had seized all private property and held all means to wealth creation. Began to discover that the easiest method in managing their slaves and maximising profits, was to give them a restricted level of freedom, enough that they would be forced to maintain their own subsistence, but still have to sell their labour to what was now considered the land holding class. These liberated slaves, having no property or possessions and no means of creating an independent subsistence, had no option but to save themselves from starvation. Selling their labour to the land holders who only gave them the barest necessities of life, sometimes less. Their means of subsistence were even more precarious than when each individual slave had an owner and could rely on the interest of the owner to preserve their life.

They were at the will of the land holding class to evict them from their houses and terminate their employment, thereby denying them the ability to maintain their own subsistence by their own labour. This led to huge numbers of people forced into begging, stealing and starving, which became dangerous to the property and order of their owners. The slave owners then found it necessary for their own safety and protection of property, to organise themselves more efficiently as a government and create legislation for keeping these people in further subjection. Legislation was implemented surrounding the fixed price at which slaves should be compelled to labour for. Implementing fearful punishment, including death, for thefts and other acts, they were driven to commit as their only means of survival. These laws have continued for hundreds and in some cases, thousands of years and are in force today, in a greater or lesser degree, in almost all nations on earth.

The purpose and effect of these laws have been to maintain, in the hands of a small corrupt group, a complete monopoly of all lands and all means of wealth creation, in order to keep the labourers of a nation, in such a state of poverty, struggle and dependence, so that they’re forced to sell their labour to their tyrants for the lowest price at which life could be sustained. The result of all this, is that the wealth there is in the world, is all in the hands of a private elite group. This private elite we have today, are now just as much slave holders in spirit as they ever were before.

So, the whole theory and business of legislation, which has now grown to mammoth proportions, had its origin in the conspiracies of the few, to hold the many in subjection to extort and profit from their labour. The foundation of all modern legislation is to simply keep one class of individuals in subordination and servitude to another. Which leads to the conclusion that all of our current legislation is an assumption by one individual, or body of individuals, of absolute, irresponsible dominion over all other individuals whom they can subject to their power. It is the assumption by one individual, or group of individuals, of a right to subject all other individuals to their will and service. It is the assumption by one individual, or group of individuals, of a right to abolish completely, natural rights and natural freedom of all other individuals. To force all other individuals as their slaves, to arbitrarily dictate to all other individuals what they may and may do, what they may and may not have or what they may or may not be. It is, the assumption of a right to banish the principle of human rights and the principle of justice, to put their own personal will, pleasure and interest in place.

For further reading on Natural Law read works by Lysander Spooner, particularly his piece on Natural Law, PDF available below.

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