We are African Sovereignty Alliance

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We are uniting patriotic Africans in order to banish the corrupt systems of rule that have a crushing hold on our nations. We stand in opposition to the UN, the Vatican, the Crown and the many systems and their intellectual trickery that have been used against the people for centuries that have kept us trapped within their web of deception.

We stand together against globalism, communism, corruption and privitised agenda’s that have systematically destroyed our nations, our God-given human rights and individual sovereignty and freedom over centuries.

We have watched the destruction of our nation for too long. Our leaders have destroyed our African strength and pride, sold our country and continue to deceive and abuse the people of Africa day after day.

They are not for us and never were.

We are the frontline of patriotic Africans willing to defend our families, communities and our nation.

We are a sovereign alliance subject to the inalienable and fundamental rights we all have under
Natural Law, loyal to God and nation, standing for freedom, justice, morality and the preservation of European values and way of life.

Never before has our stability and safety been under such great threat. Never before have our families, values and traditions been so attacked. These systemic threats that face us as a nation can be solved with a nationally sovereign government.

We propose an entirely new system that puts our people first. A system based on Natural Law and a nationalistic approach.


We propose an alliance of the people, for the people.


Our mission is simply this, to save our nation from collapse under a global, communist agenda.

Join us.

Email Rod, Founder of African Sovereignty Alliance: rod93@tutanota.com

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African Sovereignty Alliance Founder



Rod seeks to pave a way forward for South Africans in order to protect his people and communities and to build a countering force against the global interest currently destroying the nation on multiple levels. Unity, organization and action is now what’s needed to move forward in securing the culture, heritage and sovereignty of the Boer people.

Rod has spent decades in the electrical and manufacturing industries and used to own the largest GRP satellite company in South Africa. Having an extensive history and knowledge of manufacturing and industry processes in South Africa, Rod believes having sovereignty to self-govern and regulate industry in accordance to the will of the people, for the betterment of the nation, is of great importance. The loss of businesses and the privitisation of public works, have been a main contributor to the position the Boer people are in.  


With regard to the current situation in South Africa, it appears we are in the middle of a coup. The Zulu’s with their leader, ex-President Zuma and the Xhosas and the current president Ramaphosa in which both are an encumbrance and both should be put to trial.

All of this is smoke and mirrors to what is occurring behind the scenes, and has done for some time, that is, the complete domination of South Africa by George Soros' Open Society Foundation and other international conglomerates. The main political parties out of the 300 odd parties that exist within South Africa get their political speeches written and guided by the Open society Foundation. To have such disrespect and manipulation towards the freedom and will of the South African people is the height of tyranny and needs to be met with a countering force.

African Sovereignty Alliance endeavors to unite the South African people and reignite the spirit of our ancestors whose blood rest in this soil.


"Kyk Noord en Fok voort"

Contact Rod today to join African Sovereignty Alliance: rod93@tutanota.com