Dane Pritchard
Father of 2, human rights ambassador and a strong advocate for national sovereignty.
Throughout my life I've been dedicated to uncovering the mysteries that surround us all and uncovering the injustices that are afflicted on humans, not only in Australia, but across the earth. This accelerated exponentially since 2009 after uncovering the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program and how prevalent it was in Australia.
Since then, I've left no stone unturned in my quest for objective truth. This year has certainly brought numerous atrocities to light for many people.
Which led me to stand up as a candidate in this year's state election.
Australians are not being represented and our freedoms and way life are being stripped away from us at an alarming rate. So this was my attempt to infiltrate and restore the fundamental values we as humans hold dear and to sever the globalist "death grip" it has on this beautiful land. It gave me first hand knowledge on the deep rooted corruption in every facet of government.
I realised, now more than ever, it really is time to embody the spirit of our forefathers and ancestors to reinstate freedom, justice, objective truth and morality for everyone living on this land. I love this land and will always defend it and the rights of all people. 
So I decided it was time to start uniting us all.
I partnered with Sam and that's when Australian Sovereignty Alliance was created.
A new vision for Australia, a way forward, community, courage, hope and unity.
Sam Packer
Mother of 2, passionate truth seeker, natural health advocate and human rights activist.
I started this journey back in 2018 when, holding my screaming 4 month old baby to my chest while a nurse stabbed two needles into her legs, I realised there was something seriously wrong.
Before this moment, I believed the narrative that "anti vaxxers" were out to kill everyone. I relied on a healthcare system that literally kept me sick.
Until this day in 2018, when I started to question.
I went down that rabbit hole, spent 2 years uncovering truth and the horrifying realisation that we have been lied to for so long. Not just with healthcare. History, the foundations of our belief systems and education systems, missing children, elites, agendas and "conspiracies"... the truth cannot be hidden when you open your eyes and shine a light in the darkness.
Then in early 2020 I had the opportunity to use a big platform to fight for truth. The QLD State Election. I stood up as a candidate for IMOP (Informed Medical Options Party) in Maryborough. This offered me so much experience, a deeper look into the festering corruption in our own government and a freshly fueled fire to keep fighting this psychological war we find ourselves in.
So at the end of the election, I looked for the next step. What was it that we desperately needed right now?
Unity. Hope. And courage.
That's when this next journey was brought to life.
The Australian Sovereignty Alliance Bus
So we bought a bus.
This bus will be a beacon for unity, hope and courage for those of us who are fighting for our right to freedom and sovereignty. It's an opportunity for everyday Australians to take back control of their own lives and to defend their rights, shoulder to shoulder with other like minded Australians, united in a common cause to defeat our common enemy.
We will be traveling in our self sufficient bus as soon as we have completed the reno, connecting with and uniting as many Australians as we can. Building networks from town to town. 
Because united we stand, divided we fall.