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What Do I Do?

How Do We Take Down this Corrupt System?

By turning away from them. Stop giving them power, stop giving them your attention, your energy and your focus. Turn away and start focusing on what builds nations.



Every single one of us has a responsibility now to defend their nation from corruption and collapse, but it is not in the way we are taught through their propaganda. It’s actually far less dramatic and bloody. It is simply turning away from their corruption and focusing your attention on doing what needs to be done to save our nation.

A bit like not giving the naughty child attention.

So number 1: Be Vigilant – do not believe everything you see or hear.

Currently they are drawing people into a warzone. They have inserted their people into positions of leadership within this movement to cause division, distractions and chaos and they are using mainstream media to incite confusion, unhinged behaviour and unrestrained anger. This is what collapses nations. This is what they want and so far, we are achieving their agenda.

We all want justice. We all want to end the corruption in government. Most of us want it torn down and a new system in place under Natural Law. But rash, unhinged action will end us in more trouble than we are already in.

This is war.

All throughout history nations have been fought over and the people have been ruled over by the biggest force. It used to be swords, axes and arrows, guns, bombs and grenades. Today’s wars are psychological and waged in secret deals, deceitful propaganda and behind fake masks. Literally.

Have you read the Art of War?

The goal is to control every side, so they insert their people into positions of leadership everywhere and they create their own opposition. This is a game to them and technology has made it very easy for them to achieve their goals. They make you want to rally behind them and shout their name. They keep you busy, distracted. Probably doing things that sound like you’re making some kind of impact, but take a few steps back and you might realise you are either wasting your time or walking straight into a trap.

On top of that are the massive floodgates of information, misinformation and disinformation causing huge levels of stress and overwhelm to ensure people are kept in a state of confusion, not knowing where to turn.

This is what we are witnessing in the freedom movement right now.

We have had so many people ask us “why another group”? “Why can’t we all just unite”? Trust me when I say, I used to think like this before I got involved in Australia-wide leaders groups. I used to think this before I got involved with the politics at every level.

It will never happen while people don’t do their own research and continue to rally behind controlled opposition. As I said, many of these leaders, and we’re all surprised as to how many and how clever they are, have been placed there specifically to cause division and create distractions while others have hidden agendas at play.

So why hasn’t ASA united with any other group?

Because we hold truth and integrity as foundational to everything we do and so far, all we have seen is division, distraction, corruption and deceit.

Of course, if groups would like to unite with us, they are welcome to apply and we’ll go through a screening process with them to ensure they don’t endanger our people and the mission of ASA, which is to build an entirely new system outside of the corruption we have been ensnared under for centuries.

The people drawn to ASA are those who know the only thing that will win this war is when the people take responsibility for learning the truth and fighting for it. It’s those who are sick and tired of the lies, the corruption and the constant talk and no action. It’s those who know there is a better way, one of truth, of justice and of true unity and freedom under Natural Law. It’s those who are passionate about seeing their families, communities and their nation thrive.

Number 2: Be Your Own Investigator – do not rely on anyone else to feed you the facts, including me.

We are drowning in corruption. Corruption in government, corruption in media, in the healthcare industry, in the education industry and in nearly every aspect of our society today. To find any element of objective truth requires us each to become our own research journalists, in the traditional sense. Not like the biased, fake journalists we have today who are paid to sell a narrative.

History that is taught to be unquestioned today and, in fact, unlawful to question in many places, is what was written by the winners of wars that now, we know nothing about. We have accepted propaganda as the truth, both historical and current, and now we are trapped in a web of lies so thick and programming so thorough, most people refuse to even consider anything else.

What we are seeing today, the overreaching destruction of fundamental human rights by governments, was founded at what we thought was the end of WWII and the laws and organisations that came out of that. WWII was waged due to one nation, Germany, standing up against the privitised banks and global agenda. Germany lost that war and since then we have been trapped by the winners, strangled in their web of deceit. Trying to find the objective truth in a world run by the winners of that war – the real tyrants pulling the strings of globalisation – is near impossible. Especially while we drown in information, misinformation, disinformation and propaganda.

They have been planning this global communistic takeover for a long time. That is why the United Nations, born out of WWII, exists. In fact, Australia was a founding nation of the UN. So listen closely...

UN International Law Handbook

Chapter 1, Article 1

“The Purposes of the United Nations are:

1. To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the PREVENTION and REMOVAL of threats to the peace...”

So if there happened to be an uprising to overthrow a government who is supported by the Queen and the UN who are all in bed together... what do you think will happen? As I said, this has been planned for a long time. They currently have us surrounded. Consider the Defence Act that was amended to allow the ADF and FOREIGN FORCES immunity from criminal or civil liability to support civil emergencies.

They have their people strategically placed within this movement intentionally to incite, to divide, to distract, to wreak havoc and to further their agenda. So be vigilant. Again, this is war. This is their game. So we must be smart, we must be wise and never rash. Always watchful, always questioning.

We have many articles being compiled on our website here and a growing team of researchers piecing together the links in one place. We also do our utmost to include as many links as possible so that you have a place to start to find the objective truths.

Number 3: Stop wasting time!

We KNOW the government is corrupt. We KNOW they have an agenda to push. We KNOW they are in bed with the UN and the global agenda. We KNOW they have their own little club and that no one else can get elected into their little club. We KNOW elections are simply the illusion of choice they allow us to have so we are kept quiet and submissive.

So why are we still writing letters and standing outside their offices? This is giving them power. This is wasting our time, our energy and our resources.

As I said at the beginning, we must start turning away from them and using our precious time and resources to rebuild our nation outside of their system.

So rally your people, build your networks, build your gardens, reignite the Australian spirit by building back our communities, our traditions, our values and stand in your power as the people of Australia.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Hit the streets.

Compile networks of businesses and farms owned by people who refuse to do the governments dirty work. Support them, but also protect that list to ensure they don’t become targets.

Organise regular community gatherings to discuss, plan and build relationships, human connection and support networks.

Start old-school activism in your area. Stickers, fliers, letter box drops, signs, whatever you have on hand.

Organise rallies, not to protest, but to connect your community. Make sure you advertise widely through letter box drops, community notice boards and through social media.

Get prepared, find or create a stable water source, stock food and grow food. Lots of it. Wherever you can. Start farm and garden networks and trading groups and make sure your community is growing enough if food shortages start impacting us.

These are some of the things Australian Sovereignty Alliance is organising on a nation-wide level. However, you can get started right now in your community. You need no one else’s support or permission. We all have a responsibility to take up action where we are.

If though, you align with the mission of ASA and would like to work with us, click here.

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Dec 15, 2021

damn these 40 year olds so damn woke


Nov 27, 2021

Did you know that he link to work with ASA goes to a blank page!


Nov 24, 2021

Toni Aldous
Toni Aldous
Aug 01, 2021

Each and every census should be mailed back unopened....return to sender! Do not open the envelope. You cannot be fined as it is addressed to the name on It! This is an easy way we can all protest.....just send it back...

Aug 05, 2021
Replying to

Just be careful as the barcodes on the letters enable them to track where it was delivered to the very address. Nikko all the barcodes on every page (usually at the bottom like a chequebook) that way they cannot trace which household. I worked the census 5 years ago I know how they track to fine.


Jul 29, 2021

Energy goes where our attention flows, well said!

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