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The Dangers of Non Ionising Radiation

Is your phone poisoning you?

I always wanted to think the best of our technologies, they can assist in our ever lasting endeavour to thoroughly understand this place we all call home and contribute to the betterment of human life. Over the years my interest into the effects of non ionising radiation & non thermal action on the human body has shifted from curiosity to extreme alarm.

Generally, we’ve all associated the negative effects of our technology & personal devices with how their used, not how the technology worked.

Over the the last 10 years, extensive research has been conducted into the term ‘Electrohypersensitivity’ (EHS) & ‘Multiple Chemical Sensitivity’ (MCS). Dr. Olaf Johansen, a leading dermatologist with 35+ years experience identifying the negative effects on the largest organ of the human body, conducted an experiment where he took skin samples off people who self identified as having EHS and compared them to the skin samples taken from the control group, who didn’t self identify as having the condition.

He found that in the EHS subjects there was a heightened immune response, what was happening was that the ‘mast cells’, that store the biochemical for inflammation (histamine), significantly increased and moved abnormally close to the surface of the skin.

So the people who claimed to have EHS had a corresponding physiological reaction.

What’s most interesting, is that the people from the control group had the same physiological reaction, meaning they were failing to detect their own immune response. Similar to alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals, just because you don’t feel the negative impacts doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

So how dangerous is non ionising radiation?

Dr. Martin Pall, PHD Professor of biochemistry & medical science at Washington State University, author of a book titled “Explaining unexplained illnesses”, was approach by a large team of scientists all deeply concerned about the effects of next generation technologies and requested Dr. Pall to investigate and write a review on over 1700 scientific research papers from multiple sources indicating significant impacts of non ionising radiation on human tissue.

In the 2013 review article, Dr. Pall identified & reviewed eight major effects on the human body that are occurring right now:

1. Nervous system damage

2. Endocrine system damage

3. Oxidative stress

4. DNA damage

5. Increased programmed cell death

6. Lower fertility

7. Excessive intracellular calcium

8. Cancer via 15 different mechanisms

These eight effects were specifically chosen because of the large number of scientific research articles & review papers that all showed an irrefutable body of evidence that these effects were occurring in response to low level exposures.

Non ionising radiation can come from:

1. Mobile phones

2. All screens - TVs, computers, etc

3. Cell towers

4. GPS - inbuilt into vehicles

5. Power points in homes (dirty electricity)

And so many other places.

There are many practical solutions to make these technologies safe, all of which have been pushed to the side or silenced completely, for a quick profit. Government bodies and industry regulators have failed their duty to protect you and your family from this radiation. There is a much larger agenda at play which I’ll touch on at a later date. In that part 2 I’ll also talk about how far we are in this process.

For now, simply focus on limiting your exposure to allow your body to cope and repair.

1. Turn your phone off or to airplane mode and leave it in another room when you sleep.

2. Turn your wifi off at night.

3. Spend more time outside in nature, perfect for de-stressing the body and combatting these horrendous effects of non ionising radiation.

Helpful links:

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