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Pornography, a Scourge on Humanity

This is going to be hard for some people to hear. But fighting a psychological war means we have to face things we don’t want to face. It means challenging our mindsets and our understanding of what we think we know. To win this war, we have to get uncomfortable ourselves.

Pornography has been a tool, in fact a drug according to neuroscience, that elites have been using for a long, long time to brainwash society and hide their sick and evil agendas in plain sight.

Many toxic ideas that have been normalised and many toxic industries that have flourished have been due to the direct impact of pornography. Sexual slavery (particularly child sex slavery), trafficking, pedophilia, rape culture, the objectifying of women and children, abuse, toxic relationships, ruined families, an obsession with instant self gratification, satanic rituals and countless other corrupt and evil activities the elites love to roll in like filthy animals for example.

It has destroyed the foundations of a healthy society and thrown it into chaos and confusion. Exactly what they want. Doing so makes us easier to control and manipulate. Especially due to the impact pornography has on the brain, both for the traumatised victims who are abused to create it and the men who watch it.

The definition of pornography comes from the word "porneia" which is self indulgent sexuality or unnatural sexual intercourse. This is what they’ve turned us into. A pitiful, self indulgent, perverse society.

For men, the constant dopamine hits over and over and over with each click rewires the brain to the point where things simply stop working naturally. A kind of “birth control” some might say - a way to reduce the population? A Harvard scientist who did a study on the impact of pornography explains the dangers:

It’s defined, according to neuroscience, as a highly addictive drug by what it does to the brain:

For victims of this industry (mostly women and children), handlers use the trauma to rewire the brain to the point where they can control them. More here:

They have literally enslaved a huge portion of society by using one simple tool.

I’m going to keep saying this until people start realising: fighting this spiritual, psychological war starts with you. At home. Getting uncomfortable. Taking responsibility for yourself, your health, your family, taking back your power and not buying their distractions and manipulation. Especially their perverse entertainment designed to literally rewire and control your mind.

So hit them where it actually hurts. Get angry at the abuse of women and children that the porn industry has freely gotten away with and do something about it. Get angry with the destruction of family. Of powerful femininity and masculinity. Get angry at the stripping away of responsibility for health and understanding our own bodies that has resulted in us relying on them for understanding. Which, as we know, they have abused and used against us.

Get angry and start focusing on the things they have used to control us for hundreds of years. Start changing the narrative! When we remove those footholds they have on our lives, we take away their power.

I’ll leave you with this: 2 million children today live as sex slaves and recorded child sexual exploitation (known as “child porn”) is one of the fastest-growing online businesses. The demand for it actually grew exponentially when COVID hit and people were sitting around at home. According to Fight the New Drug, the average age of girls they begin filming at is 12.8 years old.

Do you think this is ok? Add your thoughts into the comments below.

It’s time to speak up!

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