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It's Their System

There is a group, we call the ‘Elite’.

They’ve always had the best to eat.

They build their wealth off human toil

and Earth’s resources, particularly oil.

They’ve created a system, based on wealth,

that profits from the destruction of health.

Their influence is everywhere.

Rolled out by people, who pretend to care.

Government, science, academia too.

Levels of corruption beyond anything we knew.

Because they’ve sold their souls, you see.

They really don’t care about you or me.

Their programming has worked so well.

Just watch TV and you can tell...

That consumerism is the key. It keeps them wealthy –

it’s their system, you see!

Unfortunately, we’ve gone that far.

All we want is the next new car.

We’ve been trained to want more and more.

Do we know what it’s all for?

Their system is now on a global scale,

because pretty much everything is for sale.

This is not how it’s supposed to be.

Our quality of life based on GDP.

The only benefit of global nations,

is profits for the corporations.

And with digital currency on the way,

they’ll soon have control of your hard-earned pay.

Everything will be tracked and traced.

They want control of the human race.

These people talk about over population and how humans

have caused environmental degradation.

And yet they want to save us all,

from a virus that came from a market stall.

They say vaccine immunity is the key,

but that Spike Protein, changes biology.

And soon we’ll need a passport to be free.

Well – that’s an oxymoron, can’t you see?

So Covid’s been the perfect cover,

to roll-out a control system like no other.

Do you think people will ever see,

there’s more than downloads to 5G?

These ‘Elite’ – they want to own the lot

And that includes us – I kid you not!

With inconsistencies galore,

this covid fraud has shown us all -

That the world is nothing but a stage,

forced upon us in order to earn a wage.

So, it’s time to question the orders they are giving:

“Where’s your jurisdiction to control the living?”

Because we are a product of creation,

not the chattels of the United Nations.

To all the people who think they can rule.

We’re no longer going to play your fool.

So, now we’re all so sick of this shit,

we’ve got to stop feeding it.

It’s time to create a new way to live,

That’s not based on take but on what we can give.

A new economy that’s not based on wealth,

but is joyful and neighbourly and is good for your health.

So when you get home, start making a plan.

To stand along-side every woman and man.

Those in the community who feel that same.

And think about the place from which you came.

Start growing food, regenerating the soil and remember

the true meaning of what it is to toil.

Elizabeth Case, 29/05/2021

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