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Geoengineering - the Real Climate Emergency

Block out the sun to curb a planned global warming. They’ve been manipulating weather for a long time. Climate change is man made, caused by the very people who claim we need to “fix it”.

That’s typical Bill Gates though, founder of Microsoft and evil philanthropist. Create a problem, then make money selling the fix.

The problem with this “fix”, according to these Harvard researchers, is that it will cause severe droughts, like what we are faced with in Australia right now, deadly hurricanes and it will potentially destroy the protection we have from the harmful rays of the sun, causing mass DNA damage, cancer and death to the human race. Oh, and it can also be weaponised.

But apparently that’s okay. Because gLoBaL WaRmInG...

I wonder what would happen if they just stopped playing god and trying to control the weather. Nature has the innate ability to heal, but when it’s played with, it protects itself, causing so many problems, sickness and even death.

Why are these people allowed to manipulate our entire world reeking havoc for the human race? Why do we allow them to play god with our lives, our children and their future?

“If you’re talking about chem trails, that’s a conspiracy theory”...

My dear, it’s conspiracy fact.

You can pay for them to manipulate the weather and guarantee you clear skies:

China used weather modification at the 2008 Olympics to control the rain:

Harvard scientists will soon send chemicals into the atmosphere to test whether a last-ditch planet-hacking plan could keep Earth habitable:

Oh, and did I mention Bill Gates?

Further reading:

Even our own government talks about it openly, though they say they are yet untested... 😏 please. I think they need to update their article, they’ve been spraying this stuff for longer than I’ve been alive. I remember as a child watching them spray their trails and knowing it wasn’t right back then.

Don’t just take my word for it, do a Google search: “geoengineering”.

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