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Geoengineering - the Real Climate Emergency

Have you noticed strange weather lately?

I hope so.

Because the weather is behaving very unnaturally if you've been paying attention.

You may not know, but there have been people manipulating weather for a long time. Climate change is, in fact, man made, caused by the very people (the ones flying private jets around the world) who claim it's our fault and that we need to “fix it”.

Bill Gates often talks about "fixing the weather". That’s typical Bill Gates though, founder of Microsoft and owner of 4 private jets. It's always business to men like him.

The problem with “fixing the weather”, according to Harvard researchers, is that it will (and is) cause widespread flooding, severe droughts, deadly hurricanes and all kinds of weather events resulting in food shortages, mass death and it can be weaponised.

What most people don't comprehend and flat out refuse to see is that the Australian government has been part of all of this since at least the 50s, though there is some speculation that it's been happening much longer.

They talk about it on their very own government website here.

They've legislated it with the Rain-Making Control Act 1967 here and the Snowy Mountains Cloud Seeding Act 2004 here.

More interesting things you may not have heard about... you can actually pay people to manipulate the weather and guarantee you clear skies for your next event:

China used weather modification at the 2008 Olympics to control the rain:

Oh, and did I mention Bill Gates? He loves funding Geoengineering projects:

Here are a few organisations that have a hand in manipulating our weather (more listed towards the end of this article):

1. WeatherTec: “harvesting atmospheric humidity” and creating hundreds of millions of cubic metres of water for governments, including Australia (this is particularly interesting considering the flooding that is impacting thousands of people right now):

In fact, we’re part of their showcase: “Australian Rain Corporation, a subsidiary, was appointed by the Australian Government / National Water Commission to enhance rainfalls…”

2. Water Corporation on Cloud Seeding: “Cloud seeding is the process of artificially generating rain by implanting clouds with particles such as silver iodide crystals.

Cloud seeding is usually carried out by sprinkling particles from a plane.”

3. Rain Makers, of which Queensland University is an active participant:

“The company’s technology mimics the natural processes that initiate rainfall, and adds large volumes of rainwater through ionization of the atmospheric humidity influencing the growth of raindrops in clouds.

"High voltage is provided to the emitters on the ground with solar power. They emit trillions of ions into the atmosphere that connect to aerosols. They create a plume of negative charges, which elevates by natural updrafts & winds. The Earth electric field gets slightly influenced. Cloud particles such as droplets are charged near cloud boundaries growing quicker. Enhanced clouds are developed, and rainfall occurs over several 1,000 km2."

The RainMaker team also started “Task Force for Climate Action" and had their first meeting during the UN Climate Action week in the Harvard Club of New York. This isn't just "cloud seeding" to simply make it rain, this is weather manipulation and they are making decisions about mass weather modification around the world behind the backs of the people it's impacting.

What's important to note here is that they want you to know that they are manipulating the weather on a mass scale around the world now. They are making it easier to find the information so that we feed it to the population to normalise it.

Eventually this will all be widely spoken about through the media and considered perfectly normal.

What they tell you it does: "fixes droughts".

What it actually does: provides artificial control of natural resources to private corporations to do with as they please and adds a new weapon to use against the people: weather wars as predicted” by Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF.

Further reading:

Don’t just take my word for it, do a Google search: “geoengineering”.

Or just look up, it's all there in plain sight. And if there's one thing you take from all this, understand that none of it is being done for your benefit or the environment like they claim.

It's all about control.

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