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Fluoride & Fracking - the Poisoning of Our Water Supplies

Part 1 – Fluoride

I visibly cringe when I get offered tap water. I’m one of “those” people who request filtered water or I’ll cart my own around.

For a damn good reason.

When you get to know the history of fluoride and the independent research done on this chemical, you’ll be carting your own purified water around too. Especially when you find out that it’s really only benefiting industries that get to use it as a way of offloading their toxic waste.

It has long been the practice of major industries to fudge, manipulation and tip the research to benefit themselves thanks to greed and a thirst for power and this is one of them. Hot tip: whenever you are looking at research articles, make sure you find out who funded the study.

Firstly, let’s talk about the fact that fluoride is a legally recognised medication. We, therefore, are being mass medicated through our water supply without informed consent, which is a legal requirement for medication through our government’s own system. As well as being provided a published list of all known side effects - also not provided. You can find out about this requirement on the Australian TGA website.

It’s important to note here that on top of being forcibly medicated, the dose is not controlled. People drink all different levels of water. That on top of toothpastes and other products – especially for children, means that the chances of exceeding “recommended” levels is very high.

Secondly, fluoride is corrosive. Promoted by the dental industry as not so, obviously, but stated factually in the QLD Fluoride Code of Practice (link below) as a corrosive chemical. This has also been researched and proven, however, a lot of the information has interestingly been literally and figuratively burned. It’s not hard to imagine why. Information is power, so the lack of it… well, you get the picture.

With all that corrosive chemical running through pipes made from toxic heavy metals, it may, for good reason, also make you wonder how heavily contaminated with heavy metals our water really is. Our bodies are already overloaded with heavy metals through food and medication (particularly vaccines), and our water is one of the highest contaminated. Heavy metal contamination can cause cardiovascular disorders, neuronal damage, renal injuries, and risk of cancer and diabetes according to this study:

Thirdly, you might want to know the shocking history, including industries using water fluoridation as a way to offload their toxic waste. The link below is from a university, discussing the history of fluoride and where it comes from:

Independent research proves the dangers of fluoride without a doubt, especially impacting brain and thyroid function as the research papers below show you. The thyroid is an important gland in the body that assists children’s growth and development, metabolism, but more importantly, they impact your genetic makeup, proteins, DNA, RNA and the thousands of biological processes that constitute life. So it’s a big deal.

Fun facts: according to Fluoride Action Network, a whopping 80% of Australians are drinking artificially fluoridated water – one of the highest statistics worldwide. Especially considering only 5% of the entire world, according to FAN, drink artificially fluoridated water:

There is also no difference in tooth decay rates between highly fluoridated countries and non fluoridated:

Below are some research articles to check out:

Fluoride Exposure and Thyroid Function Among Adults Living in Canada:

Fluoride Risks from a Mainstream News:

Fluoride Exposure and Intelligence in School-Age Children:

Children Exposed to Fluoride Produced by Coal Burning:

Fluoride Exposure From Infant Formula:

Thyroid Function, Intelligence and Low-Moderate Fluoride Exposure:

Association Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure During Pregnancy:

Intelligence Impairment of Children in China:

Relationship between Drinking Water Fluoride and Intelligence Quotient in Egyptian School Children:

The Auditory Working Memory of 13-15-Year-Old Adolescents Using Water with Varying Fluoride Concentrations:

The Relationship Between the Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water and Schooling Performance:

Relation Between Intelligence in Children Aged 8-12 in the Endemic Fluorosis Area and Non-Endemic Fluorosis Area:

Analysis on the Effect of Coal Burning Fluorosis on the Physical Development and Intelligence Development of Newborns Delivered by Women with Coal Burning Fluorosis:

Continue with the full list of 68 research papers on fluoride and IQ:

Fluoride, Corrosion and Rust:

Part 2 – Fracking

Fracking is a process used for collecting coal seam gas (CSG). This gas is used to power homes and has been used in QLD here in Australia for at least 15 years. It is a highly toxic process that impacts the land and poisons our water. Fracking requires the use of a huge amount of water, sand and chemical to open pathways within the deep layers of the earth to release this gas. After they have extracted the gas, the chemicals are then pumped deeper into the earth’s layers and sealed. From there it seeps through the earth, entering water supplies, particularly our underground water supplies, poisoning it to a level where it cannot even be cleaned.

According to some sources, there are around 700 different chemicals used for fracking, but these chemicals used are kept hush hush for obvious and corrupt reasons. The ones known to us are chemicals such as formaldehyde (used to preserve the dead), acrylamide (carcinogenic), naphthalene (used in pesticide), diesel and even lead.

Now, Australia is home to the largest underground water basin in the world: the Great Artesian Basin, and there is a gas project currently in the works that puts this basin at significant risk. The Narrabri Gas Project. The project involves a 20 year progressive development stretching 10 to 15 kilometres south and southwest of Narrabri. Consent for this project was given on September 30, 2020 subject to conditions. See details here:,infrastructure,%20including%20gas%20processing%20and%20water%20treatment%20facilities.

On top of that there is the Western Slopes Pipeline that is proposed to support this gas project. It will travel 450 kilometres through three inland river systems, putting a lot of rural NSW at risk.

“If you want to drink clean water and eat clean food, then this is your problem too.” – Anne Kennedy, NSW farmer. Farmers know the importance of protecting our land. Our government does not – or rather, cares more about lining their pockets and dancing to the strings of elites calling the shots around the world. The only people who are willing to fight for the future of Australia is us, the people.

Another group onto the damaging impact of fracking is Lock the Gate Alliance. Here they talk about the dangers of the Adani Coal Mine risking our water supplies:

So Australia – it’s time we start protecting our water supplies! From the endless list of toxic poisons and from become foreign owned: ( & Protect our water, protect our future. Start talking about these huge issues and raise awareness wherever you can.

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