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COVID Fallacy

The real statistics they don’t tell you. Let’s get our facts straight.

👉🏻 The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that over 70% of COVID deaths had pre-existing chronic conditions.

👉🏻 The average age of death from COVID is 86, whereas the overall average age of death is 82.

👉🏻 The TGA has received 399 reports of COVID vaccination death and confirmed 6 so far, already more than actual COVID deaths this entire year.

👉🏻 The TGA has also received a staggering 41,406 reports of injury after the COVID vaccination.

Hospitals are filling up, but not with COVID cases, with COVID VACCINE cases.

Ask around and you will also learn that many families are still fighting to have their loved one’s death added to the list of COVID vaccine deaths.

Just in my own circle in the past week I’ve had people confirm 7 vaccine deaths they personally know and 6 in hospital with major issues. That’s MY little circle. Just imagine what they aren’t telling us.


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