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Community & Unity - March Update 2021

Hello to all of our Australian and International friends. We decided to make our updates blog posts that can easily be shared. We hope this makes it easier for you too.

It’s been quite some time since our last update – so much has happened!

We had to relocate to the Sunshine Coast as the rental market is extremely tight. We know so many people who have been displaced along with us. We are very grateful to now have a space where we can work on the bus.

It does make us wonder about the plans outlined in Klaus Schwab’s books, The Great Reset and the Forth Industrial Revolution; getting society into tech controlled Smart Cities. For those who want to know more about Klaus, jump on over to our blog post here.

Due to all the recent rain and many other circumstances, we’ve been held back with work on the bus. It has now been swamped with water. It’s going to take us a long time to get it dry again so we can continue working. It has been extremely frustrating to have so many setbacks, but we are putting one foot in front of the other.

We have nearly completed patching and painting the roof of the bus so that we can keep the inside dry when we fit it out. We’ve also been playing with some paint ideas which has been a bit of fun during the tediousness of sanding and grinding rust. Oh, the joys of renovating!

We have also begun coordinating rallies as our first step in mobilising regional communities in one united front. We held a rally on the Fraser Coast last Saturday for the World Wide Demonstration, where over 40 countries stood in unity for freedom.

Our goal for this rally was to bring the Fraser Coast community together, to share testimonies, ignite hope and build strength and courage. And that’s what we saw. The speakers, the atmosphere and the overall day was extremely powerful for everyone who was there. We all walked away with full hearts, valuable information and new connections.

This is what they fear. They fear us gathering together, sharing information and building strength and courage. Because united we stand, divided we fall.

We intend to reach as many regional towns as we can in this way, creating a network of communities around Australia, united as one, to stand together in strength for freedom and to resist The Great Reset.

Our regional and outback areas are the backbone of our country and the source of so many essential resources we need for life. Our food, our water and, especially here in Queensland, we are lucky enough to have some of the most unique resources to be able to sustain our communities without the need for foreign intervention from international conglomerates. We cannot allow our precious places and resources to be sold off or destroyed to the point where our own people are displaced – which is what we’ve already seen happening for many years.

This is all part of a larger agenda that our corrupt government has sold us to.

Just last year statistics came out in August that 400,000 women over 45 were at risk of homelessness and 240,000 of those women were over 55. Back in 2016, according to the government documents we can find, the number of older women homeless in Australia was at 7,000. That is a huge jump! These are the mothers and grandmothers of our communities. These are women who have sacrificed so much to raise future generations. Where are they now?

And this is just one demographic. It gives us a small glimpse into the extent of the hardship many Australian’s are being forced to endure, exacerbated in the last year because of the intentional destruction of our communities, social structure and economy. There are many more shocking statistics we could share with you.

This is why unity is so important. This is why building back our communities is so important.

However, it’s also why they have created so much division and disconnection in our society – so that we struggle to unite and stand together. We don’t check in or ask our neighbours for a cup of sugar anymore. We don’t invite groups of people over to our homes for dinner anymore. We’d rather chat via Facebook messenger, because life is busy, there’s always something else we feel we need to do, there’s never a good time, everyone is sick or struggling or isolated.

We’ve put each other at arm’s length and allowed Big Tech to manipulate our own relationships through their technology. Technology designed to watch, listen and learn, creating profiles so they get better and better at programming us.

This is the psychological manipulation and control we must break through today if we are to have any chance of uniting and healing our communities. We must disconnect from their tech driven “new normal” and reconnect with each other.

Fighting this war starts with you. It starts at home.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We hope to meet you all in person sometime soon.

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Until next time,

Sam & Dane

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