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The more responsibility we take back as the people, the less power that can be held over us by those who seek to use and control us.

We have created this platform to reunify and empower you, your community and the nation as a whole. But there is only so much we can do on a webpage - this movement requires you to take on the required responsibility to fight for and protect your future.

You must be willing to take on personal responsibility for your own physical and mental health, your family's wellbeing and for taking organised action within your local community.

There is no hero coming to save us.

It starts with you.

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War on Health


This is a key tactic they are using against us, because a weak people is an easily subdued one. People have become weak minded, sick and diseased and we have allowed this to happen.

Now we have a nation reliant on a "health" care system that is keeping us perpetually sick to fuel an industry that is part of an international agenda for control.

This is the new war.

We must take personal responsibility for our health and that of our family. We must become proactive rather than reactive. Seek out alternative health care and get rid of the toxic parts of your lifestyle keeping you sick.

A great place to start is stress management, especially considering the levels of stress we've all been under in the last few years. In fact, stress management is an essential survival tactic.

Stress is one of the leading causes of disease and death and currently many people are drowning in fear propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, chaos and confusion that is designed to keep us in that state of fight or flight (stress).

Stress can stop us doing the very things we need to be doing right now, it stops us thinking and acting rationally and, in many ways, in becoming independent of this corrupt system, so stress management is one of the most essential parts of fighting back.

Start by reading Sam's article on
the War on Health for steps to create your own stress management plan and get you to a place of positive forward action rather than toxic reaction or no action.

Here is another article by one of the ASA Health Practitioners:
Staying Healthy in the Chaos


Foundational Knowledge


Unless you equip yourself with the truth, you will lose.

Our entire information and education system is corrupt and controlled, designed by our enemies to push propaganda that would direct us to the place we find ourselves today: staring down the barrel of an international takeover, communism and absolute tyranny. Those who do not take the time to comprehend true, objective history, where we have come from and who we are fighting, are doomed to become victims of war again.

Start with the first documentary series on the homepage of our website - this will give you a very clear and precise overw

We also have an
article section where we are piecing together essential information, make yourself familiar with them. We don't need to drown ourselves in information, nor watch numerous videos or keep "up to date" with everything. This is one of their tactics: distractions, obsessions with "knowing" and disinformation campaigns. We need a good foundation and a general idea of what is happening around us, but what we really need, is action and communities of people getting out from behind their screens and gathering together.

Further from that, start creating skill sharing networks within your local communities for both children and adults. We must counter government schools and universities and start taking responsibility in becoming proactive about our own knowledge and skills and that of those around us. Let's work together to build each other up.


Activism & Handouts


Technology is destroying human connection, the foundations of strong communities and limiting people's access to objective truth. It is a censoring tool, the new style of old school 'book burning'. We must become louder than our enemies and the only way that will happen is when we all hit the streets.

It's time we got boots on the ground, connecting with people, empowering them with correct information, solutions and offering them a reminder of our humanity. This can be done in many different ways.

Remember, we are turning our attention away from a system that is destroying us to build a new system by the people, for the people. When you're out and about, wear your ASA shirt with pride, smile and connect with your community. Showing people the truth starts with earning respect.




Volunteering. Gather your community together and create positive action in your area. Contact your local churches and other community spaces and offer to help facilitate the creation of a fruit and vegetable garden. This will help through food shortages, but also offering communities our support shows our passion for the future of our country and our fellow countrymen.

Organise street or park gatherings, get the BBQs out again, invite your neighbourhood, have activities, have them as often as possible, which will maximize everyone's chance to attend.

Create co-ops, homeschooling groups, skill sharing workshops, energy or time exchanges. There are so many different ways you can build the health of your community and have each others backs. Send in your suggestions and community photos (with permissions) through your local Community Coordinator and let's celebrate our Aussie communities.

Organise community clean up days where we are seen, in our shirts, cleaning up our streets, parks and community spaces. Show others that we are the ones who love and serve our people.

Wherever you go and whatever you are doing, have information on hand to give out. Greet people with respect. Offer a helping hand. Bring back the community spirit that our enemies are trying to destroy.

Here are a few handouts we have available so far.

ASA Handout     |     UN Awareness     |     Mask Awareness

Get Prepared


The most important thing you can be - prepared.

Our nation is quickly crumbling. People are losing jobs, families are being separated and there will likely be food shortages coming up. Your survival is your responsibility.

The first priority is building your network and your local community. There is strength and power in numbers. We cannot know or do everything ourselves.

Secondly, start stocking and growing food and connecting with other locals and farmers doing the same.

Thirdly, start building your collection of basic survival needs. Here is the beginning of our list of resources the ASA team suggest getting started with - pick the topics you feel important to your situation.

Consider the security of your property, your food and water supplies, your local networks and your local farmers. It's time we start building our functional, self sufficient communities from the ground up.

This is what building a new system looks like. We have all the skills we need to create a system outside of the corrupt, oppressive system we are enslaved under, but we all must take up the responsibility to work together to build it.


Support Local


As we all know by now, these Internationalist are working very hard to destroy our farmers and small businesses to make way for privitisation and Klaus Schwab's "you'll own nothing and be happy" agenda.

To counter this it is up to us to boycott big corporations and instead support and promote our local farmers and family businesses - so wherever you are, get proactive about finding them. We recommend creating a list of local farmers and businesses in your community and then spreading the word. You can do this through social media, by creating leaflets to hand out and by talking to everyone you meet - support local!

We get asked a lot if we can provide information like this publicly and this is definitely one of the things we would love to be able do here on the website, however, that could put people in potential danger of being targeted. Our enemies are watching. So we have made the decision not to put people at risk.

This is why many individuals on a grand scale across Australia all working together to achieve something great rather than one person, one platform, providing all the answers, is a much more powerful force and much harder to stop or contain.

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