We are Australian Sovereignty Alliance

We are uniting patriotic Australians and patriotic, nationalistic movements from around the world in order to banish the corrupt systems of rule that have a crushing hold on our nation and others around the world. We stand in opposition to the UN, the Vatican, the Crown and the many systems and their intellectual trickery they have used against the people that have kept us trapped within a web of deception.

We stand together against globalism, communism, corruption and privitised agenda’s that have systematically destroyed our nations, our God-given human rights and individual sovereignty and freedom over centuries.


We are everyday Australians for Australia.

We have sat back and watched the destruction of our country for too long. Our leaders have destroyed our Australian strength and pride, sold our country and continue to lie to our faces day after day.

They are not for us and never were.

Finally, for the first time, a strong movement has surfaced here in Australia which counters and rejects the tyrannical and corrupt path our Australian government has led us down and the global, communist agenda that seeks the destruction of our country, future and way of life.

We are the frontline of patriotic Australians willing to defend our families, communities and our nation.

We are a sovereign alliance here in Australia subject to the inalienable and fundamental rights we all have under Natural Law, loyal to God and nation, standing for freedom, justice, morality and the preservation of European values and our Australian way of life.

Never before has Australia's stability and safety been under such great threat. These systemic threats that face us as a nation can be solved with a nationally sovereign government.

We propose an entirely new system that puts Australians and our nation first. A system based on Natural Law and a nationalistic approach.


We propose an alliance of the people, for the people.

Join us.

Everyday Australians for Australia.

The ASA Team


I am a mother, a life bringer and a human rights ambassador. I am a voice for truth and justice. I believe in objective truth, national pride, personal sovereignty and upholding traditional and moral values. I believe in hard work, teamwork, responsibility, accountability and love for humanity.

We have watched the gradual destruction of Australian pride and strength for far too long at the hands of globalist agendas that would see us crushed into submission under communist regime.

Throughout history, those who stood under the communist banner committed the most vilest of crimes against humanity. Genociding whole groups of people, families, men, women and children, without remorse. Shedding the blood of hundreds of millions, if not billions of people, worldwide. Communism is symbolised in red, because that is what it creates: rivers of red, and it is still raging it's bloody war on the world today under the guise of globalism.

Watching this and the disintegration of our Australian pride, I decided to take action. I stood up as a candidate in the 2020 QLD state election, to stand face to face with the corruption that is leading our country down this destructive path. It gave me the opportunity to talk to people I'd never spoken to and to ask questions I hadn't asked before. I got to witness firsthand the deception that is our voting system and the criminals that are our leaders. There is no truth, transparency or accountability and there never was.

The leaders of our country have proven time and time again, especially throughout this fake COVID pandemic, that they are not for the people or our nation. They have sold their souls and our country into the hands of globalists. They have allowed foreign entities to rape our lands, resources and assets while they rob us blind of our livelihoods, our freedoms and our future. They are crushing our economy, our farmers, poisoning our waters, our lands and our children, covering up their lies and corruption and fueling our total destruction.

Our own leaders, in the palms of globalists, are psychologically manipulating it's people into a weak, reliant and submissive nation and enough is enough. This system they have trapped us in was never for the people, nor was it designed to create a thriving nation.

It is time Australians stand up and claim their country.

Because united we stand, divided we fall.
Human rights ambassador, strong advocate for national sovereignty and co-founder of the Australian Sovereignty Alliance and movement.

For more than the past 10 years I've devoted myself to independently research and uncover conspiracy conducted here in Australia and abroad. And get to the objective truths of the 20th and 21st centuries, that have been intentionally hidden from public eyes and scrutiny. 

Since then, I've left no stone unturned in my quest for objective truth. And 2020 certainly brought numerous conspiracies and atrocities to light for many people. 

After continuously witnessing the relentless attacks on Australian freedom, traditions, culture, legacy, daily way of life, general cost of living and societal values and standards, I decided to confront the current governmental system and the compromised people in it by standing as a candidate in the 2020 QLD state election. This enabled me to gain first hand knowledge on the alleged and suspected corruption behind our election process.

Unfortunately, we are in a far graver position than I previously thought, prior to my candidacy which was endorsed by the Informed Medical Options Party. Due to the undeniable fact that, our elections are compromised, our government is compromised and high ranking officials of industry and academia are compromised, who are all working together on some level or in some way, to prevent the betterment and advancement of the nation and individual Australians. I was only left with the option of forging a new path for Australia in order to have a complete overhaul and reinvention of the governmental and parliamentary systems, we've all been conned and exhausted by.

That's why Sam and I united to start that process as joint leaders and founders of Australian Sovereignty Alliance. I strongly believe in a fully integrated, nationalistic and independent country, that not only has the ability to provide for itself without relying on foreign markets, but prides and dedicates itself on the betterment and advancement of its own people first. A nation where new and traditional principles and values are fused to bring forth major changes in government, economics and society.

Things cannot remain as they are, they either move forward, or they fall backwards, there is no stasis. Therefore the first step in formulating a new path and positive change is, ACTION. The talking shop in Canberra has failed us in everyway possible, betrayed by all major parties, deceived by all sides of politics and policy. And completely dissatisfied, disillusioned and disconnected from representatives within government. Australians can't tolerate more talkative committees that result in no action. 

With government, economy and industry working in a nationalised order, through the Australian Sovereignty Alliance, we can achieve progress and order with the executive instruments of loyalty, collective decision and voluntary discipline. This provides a way in which things can be done and the progress of the nation, secured.

So now, more than ever, its time to unite under the foundations of true freedom, justice, loyalty, morality, nobility and objective truth to save our country, creed and culture from the globalist plans for international communist rule.

I call upon all Australians to JOIN THIS ALLIANCE and let's claim our individual and national sovereignty, UNITED AS ONE.UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.

It was John Pilger’s film ‘The War You Don’t See’ that first opened my eyes to how mainstream media knowingly broadcast war propaganda during the infamous 2003 WMD campaign.  From that point on I became hungry to understand the full extent of the conspiracy in Australia and around the world.  The more I discovered the clearer it became that we would eventually have to extricate ourselves from the international system that has been constructed around us by regaining our connection with the planet.

When I discovered EarthShips in 2012 I recognised their potential to help people do just that.  By incorporating recycled materials, harvesting rain water and electricity, regulating temperature naturally, treating sewage and growing food, the buildings provide sustenance for their inhabitants.  I also developed an interest in Biodynamics, which is one many pragmatic tools given to us by Rudolf Steiner to produce organic food and replenish the soil.  

I see self-sustainable dwellings and Biodynamic food production as key components of our national resurgence and the means to create a reliable pathway for future generations to follow.