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UNITED we stand. Divided we fall.

In 2020, we ran as candidates in the QLD State Election for the Informed Medical Options Party.

We decided to stand up because we were sick and tired of bearing witness to the systematic and incremental destruction of our lands, economy and Australian way of life.  Local MP’s to Governor Generals engaging in heinous acts, from fraud to treason, against the Australian people. So we wanted to confront this system from within, raise awareness and try create some kind of accountability for these imposters that want us to believe they’re hard working, everyday Aussies like us.

We have a high court judge who believes incest and pedophilia should be legal. We have a royal commission that can decide whether or not to use the rule of law in their terms of reference. A government that allows foreign corporations to come and extract whatever they want with no regard to our farming land, environmental damage and our most sacred indigenous sites. Representatives that have established legislation allowing foreign troops into our country. They’ve voted in favor of the Great Reset pushed by the World Economic Forum. They’ve spent billions of our tax dollars on a mandatory as possible medical procedure that will give an indemnified, private company a 20 to 1 return and leave many Australians impaired for life.

Ultimately it was futile trying to infiltrate and make positive change within a system so deeply rooted in corruption and an agenda far larger and sinister than corrupt government.

So after the election, it was a matter of what’s next. That’s when we decided to join forces to create what we’ve called Australian Sovereignty Alliance. A platform for the Australian people, a source of truth, completely unaffiliated, independent and in complete opposition and defiance of the Great Reset.

We must push back against this global rule of communism trying to be implemented with medical tyranny. The vile hidden hand that controls our government, shapes society and molds public opinion, want nothing more than to implement their one world, Zionist government, and in that process, eradicate all nations, races, cultures and creeds. If they are successful in their plans to control every aspect of human life, socialism and genetics, they will tighten their death grip to a point where it will never be able to be undone.

The threat of communism wasn’t defeated in the 20th century, nor has it gone away in the 21st. It was just rebranded as post modernism and left to fester in western society for far too long.

The influence over our government, ownership over farming and indigenous lands and the control over our ports by the Chinese communist party, must be stopped immediately and those assets seized back. These are just some of the issues why we must unite, if were going to have any chance of becoming a truly sovereign nation.

We’ll be traveling over Queensland initially to connect with rural communities, to empower them in one united front. Building support networks, linking communities together, raising awareness and formulating action, is what Australian Sovereignty alliance is all about. We have some of the best minds and hardest workers here in Australia from many different cultures, so let’s start using our assets for the benefit of ourselves, our families, our neighbors and our nation and cultivate a new era of prosperity and peace.

Standing together is what is going to save us, because united we stand, divided we fall.

Sam & Dane


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