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To introduce and facilitate the introduction of a Nationalist system through unity and organisation by first raising awareness of and removing all international influence within our Nation.



To challenge the international agenda by all means possible through activism and by promoting and empowering individuals and communities, based on traditional European morals and values, to create a path outside of the current feudal system. In doing so, beginning the process of removing the power this current system has over the Australian people.

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Polaris is a fixed symbol in the constellations of the night sky, representing the ever-present beacon of truth and unity. It has been a true and comforting guiding light home for as long as history has been recorded. A constant in navigation for those who are lost, Europeans have used this shining light throughout the ages in their endeavours and explorations.

The Australian Sovereignty Alliance flag represents guidance, stability and tradition, paying homage to the duality of existence and the nuclear family, which has proven to be the greatest human unit not only for survival, but also in order to build great nations of which Europeans have pioneered. Great civilisations and empires; we have given the world poetry, architecture, mathematics among a plethora of many inventions on our never-ending quest to self-mastery and the cultivation of everything good.


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The Voice will introduce major changes to our constitution and put the safety of Australia at serious risk of International takeover through International Law established and controlled by the UN. Something they've been working on for a very long time.

Secret government documentation that the National Indigenous Australians Agency was forced to release under freedom of information laws state that “any Voice to Parliament should be designed so that it could support and promote a treaty-making process”.

According to these secret documents, it must include a “fixed percentage of Gross National Product, rates/land tax/royalties” also stating that “Australia got a whole country for nothing, they haven’t even begun to pay for it.”

The document calls for a permanent change to the constitution "with teeth", stating "First People's" Sovereignty, ownership and control with designated seats in the Senate.

According to these documents, they also want to abolish the Australian flag, because “the Australian flag symbolised the injustices of colonisation”.


What we have seen over the last few generations is extreme left Cultural Marxist ideology within Australia. Within the "freedom movement" we are directed toward a belief that Aboriginal Lore is the only way forward, idolising Aboriginals and their culture as a kind of pure, ultra spiritual race founded on peace and that they alone hold true ownership of and sovereignty within Australia. There are groups, OSTF for example, that have called for the UN to step in and remove the rights of the Europeans who have built Australia up to what we all know and love today.


Aboriginal culture has been completely white washed to appear more socially acceptable and praiseworthy today, but in reality, Aboriginal culture was purely primitive. There were over 500 warring tribes who occupied territories each with a number of separate clans and languages, unlike the message we get today that they were peaceful and united. This warring is still happening today, with ongoing disputes over land and rights.

Why are people calling to go back to such a primitive and divided culture? This is the influence of another force.


Having spent time in outback Aboriginal communities, we know firsthand that there are many Aboriginals who despise their own culture for holding them back from a free, Westernised life they long to have. In their outback communities women are raped and abused, men drink themselves into stupors and children are committing suicide for fear of tribal rites of passage while little girls are still being sent into the bushes to their "witch doctors" who threaten to curse tribes if they do not.


On top of that, as late as the 1950s, Aboriginal women were still killing and eating their own children. It was widely documented that Aboriginals were cannibalistic and infanticide was common practice. See "The Incidence of Cannibalism in Aboriginal Society" and "Infanticide in Traditional Aboriginal Society".

What we are actually witnessing is the weaponisation of Aboriginals by a communist, international agenda that has been at play for generations.

Take some time to watch this short documentary and personal account - a serious warning from the past on the manipulation of Aboriginal affairs in Australia - and make up your own mind.



Duration - 1h


Cracked Surface

Do not let history repeat.
Know the truth.
Save our Nation.

Europa: The Last Battle

There's a lot of misinformation and confusion about what is happening today, because we lack the foundation of historical truth. Find out who is really pulling the strings of our world and the direction of our future. Re-learn our real history and how it's being used against us, to keep us trapped within a system designed to destroy us.

This 10 episode documentary (2017) by Tobias Bratt really brings to the forefront that our entire history has been manipulated to sell a narrative. It pieces together historical information, video and photographs that they don't want you to see, to show us how deeply lost society has become and what we need to do to reclaim our freedom.

Episode 1 of 10

Episode 2 of 10

Episode 3 of 10

Episode 4 of 10

Episode 5 of 10

Episode 6 of 10

Episode 7 of 10

Episode 8 of 10

Episode 9 of 10

Episode 10 of 10

Oswald Mosley

Much of the inspiration behind Australian Sovereignty Alliance comes from Oswald Mosley's Black Shirt Movement. 

Mosley saw through the corruption and deceit  of the British Government soon after becoming the youngest member ever within the House of Commons. He started a people's movement in order to reinvent the parliamentary system so that the will of the British people was carried out.

Learn from and find your inspiration from the man who came the closest in returning true power to the people since the establishment of the international feudal system.


The Real Head of the Snake

Once you comprehend history, connect the dots of the events of today and where this is all going.

We cannot keep fighting an invisible enemy.
Know what we are up against and unite to save our Nation.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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