Europa: The Last Battle


Find out who is pulling the strings of our world and learn the real history of how and we ended up where we are today.

This 10 episode documentary (2017) by Tobias Bratt pieces together historical information, video and photographs to show us how deeply manipulated society has become.

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Personal sovereignty is to have supreme power and authority over your body, mind and soul. To be able to possess personal property and to own your own skills and labour. It is the ability to freely take responsibility and make your own choices for yourself, your family, your possessions and your property. It is to be free from authoritarian dictatorship over your own personal life.

In the same way, national sovereignty is to be a thriving, proud nation that has the ability to support, protect and nourish its people without  being reliant on foreign markets; standing completely apart from globalist agendas, communism and Marxists ideologies. It is a nation proud of its own; its farmers, economy, families, culture, traditions, races and all things that make our country great.

With teamwork, discipline and national service, the patriots of this nation will cultivate a thriving, healthy and strong future with all interest that operate against us swiftly suppressed and removed. National sovereignty is our nation free from authoritarian dictatorship, the globalist agenda and any other forms of corruption and greed that has bled our country dry for too long.

It is us, the people of our nation, standing and working proudly together for the future of our nation and our people.

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