We've been lied to for too long. Australians and the people of this world need to know the truth before it's lost forever.

We're done with our country being sold, our traditions, values torn up in our faces, our businesses, our farmers and our lands disrespected and our children getting second best. We're done with being politically correct, we're done with corruption and lies and we're done with their system that puts Australians last.

We want the truth and we want our country back.

We're facing a global takeover and the leaders of this country have already sold us to it.

The truth will set you free. If we want to save our future, it starts here, by re-learning the lost history they've been using against us.

Knowledge is power.

Australia, it's time to defend our freedom and our future.

The gloves are off.

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Cracked Surface

Europa: The Last Battle


There's a lot of misinformation and confusion about what it happening today. Enough is enough. Find out who is really pulling the strings of our world and the direction of our future. Re-learn our real history and how it's being used against us, to trap us into a dark, controlled environment we don't want our children to grow up in.

This 10 episode documentary (2017) by Tobias Bratt pieces together historical information, video and photographs that they don't want you to see, to show us how deeply lost society has become and what we need to do to reclaim our freedom.

Note: these videos are under attack by digital book burning, so make sure, if you can, download and save them.

If any links are unavailable, let us know asap.

Episode 1 of 10

Episode 2 of 10

Episode 3 of 10

Episode 4 of 10

Episode 5 of 10

Episode 6 of 10

Episode 7 of 10

Episode 8 of 10

Episode 9 of 10

Episode 10 of 10

The Collusion of the Australian Government

The Queen and the Australian Government have been working against the people of Australia since the beginning.

It's time the people knew.

Here are 4 episodes to get you started, followed by some more resources below.

Note: due to digital book burning and heavy censorship, download and save what you can, so if they are taken down, they can be re-uploaded.

A collated resource article coming soon...


Personal sovereignty is to have supreme power and authority over your body, mind and soul. To be able to possess personal property and to own your own skills and labour. It is the ability to freely take responsibility and make your own choices for yourself, your family, your possessions and your property. It is to be free from authoritarian dictatorship over your own personal life.

In the same way, national sovereignty is to be a thriving, proud nation that has the ability to support, protect and nourish its people without  being reliant on foreign markets; standing completely apart from globalist agendas, communism and Marxists ideologies. It is a nation proud of its own; its farmers, economy, families, culture, traditions, races and all things that make our country great.

With teamwork, discipline and national service, the patriots of this nation will cultivate a thriving, healthy and strong future with all interest that operate against us swiftly suppressed and removed. National sovereignty is our nation free from authoritarian dictatorship, the globalist agenda and any other forms of corruption and greed that has bled our country dry for too long.

It is us, the people of our nation, standing and working proudly together for the future of our nation and our people.

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